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Dual Strength

Dual Strength

Kiran Divi and Nilima Motaparti are under the spotlight. Indeed, all eyes are on the son and daughter of Divi's Laboratories founder Murali Divi.
The fintech sector has been one of the biggest recipients of start-up funding, attracting $2.5 billion since 2010, of which 86 per cent has come in the last three years alone. In 2016, though, things seem to have eased a bit.
Editor's Note
The post-Independence Indian pharma industry was really created by a generation of scientist-entrepreneurs who took advantage of the two changes made by the government in the 1970s.

Business leaders can learn from the author's experiences in setting up a successful business despite setbacks.

Over the past fortnight, Mukesh Ambani and Reliance Industries have been in the limelight. Ambani reclaimed his spot in Forbes' list of the world's richest people - the business tycoon is now the 20th richest man in the world.
Leadership Spotlight

Sari Brody, Global Diversity and Leadership Manager at IKEA Group, tells Sonal Khetarpal about the company's continued emphasis on diversity and inclusion.



The private sector should be given incentives to reduce greenhouse gas generation

Letters to the Editor business today magazine

Promoter ousted as lenders seek a management change.


Samung Galaxy S8+ is the complete package - high on looks and big on performance.

Even spot-on monsoon predictions leave out details that can hinder crop prospects.

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