Business Today Archive May 27, 2012 Issue

Edition: May 27, 2012

Cover Story

Samsung knocks the wind out of Nokia

And, the pain won't go away soon. Samsung's Goliath-beating journey in the Rs 55,000-crore mobile phones business is as much luck as nose-to-the-grind execution. The luck was in the call it made two years ago on smartphones.
Starting out on one's own was never easy, but today there are a number of funds and support networks that promise to make the ride smoother. If you have a good business idea, getting funds from investors or venture capitalists was never easier than it is at present.
Editor's Note
Chaitanya Kalbag says competition tell us why long-time incumbents drowse at the top of the tree; why value-conscious Indians are willing to spend big bucks on newer devices and wheels; why the user experience is so important to coming up with the best products.
David Pearl's book Will There be Donuts? Start a Business Revolution One Meeting at a Time says meetings have to be fun.
Starring: Tessy Thomas, Patu Keswani, David A. Wilson, Abheek Anand, Jim Clifton and Kishore Jayaraman
Leadership Spotlight
Eicher Motors' Siddhartha Lal shares his leadership style.
The Pantaloon brand and stores will be demerged and turned into a separate company after the Future Group sold the business to Aditya Birla Nuvo. The new company will take away Rs 800 crore of debt on its balance sheet from the Pantaloon Retail books.
India is planning to exclude arbitration clauses from BITs currently under negotiation with the EU, Au Its decision to do so could limit some future liability.
This is the first vehicle to provide doubleclutch transmission at an affordable price.
Your cover story Going for Gold (May 13) was topical, what with the 2012 Summer Olympics in London less than 100 days away.
Sound quality is improving even as speakers and mikes get smaller.
The consumer durables and electronics industry continues to hire aggressively.
Wipro has announced the acquisition of Australian analytics product firm Promax Applications Group in an all-cash deal of A$35 million, its 17th in the IT business since 2002.
Executive Health
Always carry a first-aid kit and take out medical insurance when you travel.

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