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Edition: Nov 27, 2011

How to build a mutual fund portfolio that can weather all market storms.
Editor's Note
Our 18th Banks survey sets the gold standard (our cover image is not accidental) and we bring you a vault stocked by Special Projects Editor Alokesh Bhattacharyya and Senior Editor Anand Adhikari with rich detail and analysis from their team of reporters.
Reporters Diary
It was glitz, glamour and the small matter of 24 racing cars.
Isaacson's book comes closest to understanding the late Steve Jobs
Aamir Khan, Nita Ambani, Kavin Mittal, Narayanan Sivasailam, Narayanan Sivasailam
Leadership Spotlight
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of HDFC Life Amitabh Chaudhry admires N.R. Narayana Murthy
The strike at Maruti fizzles out a third time as labour leaders take their money and flee.
The public sentiment even on bail to undertrials in corruption cases has unfortunately been coloured by extreme views on punishment for corruption.
E-commerce is suddenly a hot option, but only if you have the mettle for it.
Mahindra's new utility vehicle, the XUV5OO, is great to look at and sit inside. Wish driving it felt as good.
Your annual listing of India's Most Valuable Companies (BT500, November 13) was comprehensive and very well put together. I am glad that instead of ranking PSUs and private companies separately, you decided to offer just one listing.
It will not remain an idiot box for much longer.
Case Study
Modernising Royal Enfield risked losing traditional fans without possibly gaining any new customers. The case study details how it met the challenge. Driving change when the chips are down is easy: there is no other option. In Royal Enfield's case the change worked for it. But can Siddhartha Lal and his team do the same when the going is good?
Inflation has, over the past seven years, consistently outpaced returns to savers. The move to free savings rates is expected to trigger product innovation among banks. RBI, on its part, hopes that depositors will benefit not just from higher interest rates, but also from more choices.
Caught at Silly Point: Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt and pacers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer became the first cricketers to be sent to prison for corruption, when a London court found them guilty of spot-fixing.
Executive Health
Pick and choose only healthy foods.

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