Business Today Archive November 29, 2009 Issue

Edition: November 29, 2009

Cover Story

Women and the vision thing

Women are judged to be less visionary than men in 360-degree feedback. It may be a matter of perception, but it stops women from getting to the top.
Like most people, you may think you don’t but you could be wrong. BT kicks off a three-part series on sound financial planning. In the first, we begin by emphasising the need for a professional planner.
Editor's Note
Defining power is a huge challenge. Defining powerful women is a bigger challenge. Having taken on this challenge for seven years, we have reasons to believe that we know more than others about how much women have come to influence and inspire business in India.
Getting to Plan B tells you how companies ranging from Google to Toyota found their sweet spots not in their initial plans, but in subsequent avatars.
Across businesses ranging from engineering to personal products, Azim Premji has quietly built a non-IT portfolio that’s worth a billion dollars - that's roughly a fourth of the annual revenues of the infotech flagship.
The ideal solution would be to have only index futures traded for extended hours while everything else continues with the current schedule.
The beginning of an economic recovery brings back jobs.
Your annual BT-500 (BT cover, November 15) is a useful and handy guide to explore the wealth-creating capabilities of India’s most valuable companies.
Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor has been India's answer to Ashton Kutcher in the role that he has played in popularising the microblogging service, Twitter.
Gavin Greene, Worldwide head of the electrical division of the energy consultancy firm SgurrEnergy, spoke on the promising growth prospects of renewable energy in India.

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