Business Today Archive November 30 2008 Issue

Edition: November 30 2008

Cover Story

The BT 500 universe

Being big in value, sale profits ar assets in one way to get entry into the BT 500 universes. But that's not all.
Currency movements can affect your returns when you invest in international funds and commodities. How can you play it safe?
In This Issue
After years of rollicking appreciation, companies that make up the BT 500 are going through one of their toughest phases in a long, long time. As stocks get mercilessly hammered, this may just be the time when the men are separated from the boys. Virendra Verma reports.
How badly will the economy be hurt this year and the next as a result of the financial whirlwind? Is demand slackening?... Our experts analyse the impact of the global financial crisis.
Editor's Note
The leader isn't late. It's the others who have arrived too soon. This assurance goes to the readers who await this special issue of Business Today every year. With many publications already out with their versions of annual company listings, some of you may rightly be wondering why BT is late with this annual compendium of corporate India.
In times of panic, rationality goes out of the window. Reading the papers, one can be forgiven for thinking that India is in the midst of a full-blown recession.
Top Mind
What is it? BPO Sutra, a social and professional networking site purely for the fast-growing BPO industry.
Policy Watch
A bird’s eye view of what’s hot and what’s not on the government’s policy radar.
The BT 50 Index
Two consultants—who graduated out of Harvard as Baker scholars—unveil four simple laws to put companies on the high growth path.
BT More
I would ask for an herbaceous New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, a good match for vegetarian preparations with my Spaghetti Alio Olio. It may make me look less posh, but at least I can tell myself I have made a sensible wine selection.
Fitness novices are often intimidated by the thought of being trapped inside a gym full of men and women with great physiques and perfect-form exercises, and are embarrassed about how they may look like the weaklings, who know little or nothing about how to keep fit.
Printed Circuit
An enterprise phone is much, much more than a phone.
Her techno-savvy credentials are what endeared Sonal Shah, 40, to US President-elect Barack Hussein Obama, who roped in the Director, Global Development,, to be a member of his Transition Advisory Board.
Leadership Spotlight
When most domestic airlines in India were counting their losses in 2007-08, this was one airline that posted a profit. Today, when others are cutting back on routes and frequency of flights, he has (since September) expanded Paramount’s operations into western India.
In India to push through some aggressive growth initiatives, Graham D. Allan, President, Yum! Restaurants International, met BT’s Shamni Pande for a discussion. Excerpts:
Global IT security solutions major RSA is bullish on growth prospects in India.
Increased government spending can help fight economic slowdown. But it won’t. And the reason is not lack of funds. What is needed is a comprehensive booster dose of steroids to resuscitate the economy. Manmohan Singh’s diagnosis is not off the mark, but the delivery is. A report by Puja Mehra.
Credit analysts and risk managers are in demand.
Your cover story on India’s best marketers (BT, November 16) could not have been more poignant, especially in the light of the financial crisis that threatens to derail the best of strategies.

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