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Edition: October 19, 2008

Invest in capital gains bonds only if you want the stability of a fixed income, but you can get better returns on other instruments.
In This Issue
Andy Green, CEO, Logica, speaks to BT on the road ahead and his plans for Logica at a time the market is in turmoil.
After the turmoil, the US financial services sector waits for a bail-out. Whatever happens from here, it’s the death of blueblooded investment banking as we knew it.
Editor's Note
As we delved deeper into the fascinating profiles of some of the most successful women in Indian business, we were being continually "distracted" by the unfolding saga on the Wall Street-a saga that is ever-changing and immense in size and implications. It is a story that sets business journalists' adrenaline racing. The question was not which one of the two stories to cover; the dilemma was over the size and shape of each.
It’s a question that’s taxing millions of people in this country: how will the meltdown on Wall Street impact India?
Top Mind
What Does He Mean? You Judge “Developing new drugs is not out of my sight. Beyond 2012, I want to see Ranbaxy emerge as a strong hybrid player with substantial revenue flows from proprietary drugs”
Policy Watch
Approved: By the board of approvals chaired by Commerce Secretary G.K. Pillai, 27 proposals for special economic zones (SEZs), including those by Larsen & Toubro, JSW Bengal Steel, Ansal Properties & Infrastructure and Bharat Forge. It also gave in-principle approvals to 10 tax-free zones.
The BT 50 Index
Market nosedives
Deal Watch
Every month, we bring you a listing of the biggest deals struck by Indian companies in India and abroad. Our partner: global professional services firm Ernst & Young. Here are the deals that were struck in September 2008.
Economist Sanjeev Sanyal’s book should serve to sell the reforms agenda well, says Bibek Debroy, but the author ought to write another on ‘India Whining’.
BT More
Do not listen to a sommelier (wine waiter, in plain English) who says a Gewurtztraminer, a sweetish wine with spicy notes from Alsace, France, goes best with Chinese cuisine.
As editor of Men’s Health, i am often faced with queries from guys who complain they just don’t have the time to go to the gym. Then, I am expected to offer instant solutions.
Printed Circuit
Here’s all you need to know about flat screen televisions 40-inch television is perfect. before you hit the electronics mall this festive season, and buy yourself this season’s must-have wall accessory.
This Indian-American trio holds a unique distinction. Each one is the toplevel technocrat or CIO of his state: Anand Dubey in Alaska, Vivek Kundra in Washington D.C. and Aneesh Chopra in Virginia. Dubey.
Leadership Spotlight
Masahiro Takedegawa is not your typical east-asian expat executive; his relaxed demeanour and excellent command over English makes him more accessible than most.
According to a recent McKinsey study on modem retail, 'The Great Indian Bazaar: Organized Retail Comes of Age in India', the size of retail market in India will zoom 10 times in seven years and the share of organized retail will rise by 10 percentage points from the current 4-5 per cent.
The RIL boss voices a desire to be allowed to fuel millions of Indian homes without the fetters of court cases and government controls.
Just as Chinese silk invaded the Indian market in the 1990s, China's power equipment manufacturers, leveraging their lower costs and shorter delivery periods, have begun hitting Indian majors where it hurts most—and are walking away with orders worth thousands of crores of rupees. K.R. Balasubramanyam says that they are making hay while the sun shines.
Shortage of talent and demand for new skills is driving people to switch jobs across sectors.
The current economic slowdown is a stern reminder that India is no longer insulated from the rest of the world. (BT cover, Managing the Slowdown, October 5). Reading your in-depth analysis brought about a clearer understanding of how leading Indian companies are pursuing new growth engines in times of stress.
The Business Today-DuPont Sustainability Forum brainstorms some of the key issues and challenges involved in efforts to steer farming away from unsustainable practices and its consequences.

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