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Edition: October 21, 2007

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Indiabulls' Rs 29,000-cr surprise

With a market value of Rs 29,000 crore and a net worth of Rs 8,000 crore, the eight-year-old Indiabulls group has sky-high ambitions. Property development and consumer finance are the current thrust areas. Retailing, insurance, banking, mutual funds, power and telecom are on the cards.
With the BSE sensex soaring past 17,000, the market is on a roll. Predicting where it will go seems to be futile as foreign inflows continue to prop up the stock market.
In This Issue
What are senior Indian execs doing hanging around at social networking site, BT finds out.
Consumers always hunt for bargains and switch brands faster than they hit store shelves. It is a brave task to stand apart. Our fourth annual listing of best marketers brings a list of marketers who know consmers the best.
The Indian public doesn’t do things in halves — at least when it comes to cricket and cricketers.
Top Mind
You can now choose an e-mail ID that best describes you, your personality, your location or your choice of food, idol or even sports.
Policy Watch
In a bid to stem the appreciating domestic currency, RBI has allowed Indian companies to invest up to 400 per cent of their net worth in foreign JVs and wholly owned subsidiaries, up from the present stipulated cap of 300 per cent.
News Maker
A cricketer’s fortune swings with every match but winning the Twenty20 World Cup has made young skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni the darling of a cricket-worshipping nation and marketers alike.
State Bank of India attained the distinction of being the first public sector bank to touch a market capitalisation of Rs 1,00,000 crore. On September 28, the bank’s shares closed at Rs 1,950.70 on the BSE, giving it a market cap of about Rs 1,02,665.12 crore.
This book throws light on the evolution of SEBI and the Disinvestment Commission.
The BSE Sensex seems to be on steroids, and the way it is going, it may well cross the 18K-mark by the time this magazine hits the stands first week of October.
The Reliance stocks are fuelling the Sensex’s heady ride.
Only a few states have a stated policy on integrated townships. Gujarat: It has a comprehensive policy specifying the most probable locations for development of such townships. It covers six different types of townships (technology, education, medical/healthcare, tourism, logistics, and residential) and requires 80 per cent of the built-up area to be residential, including EWS housing. The state offers to provide access roads, bulk water supply and power.
Back of the Book
India Inc’s most powerful women gathered under one roof to step up and be recognised for their achievements.
Design is a very wide term and it applies to everything from fashion design to product design and may even stretch to art direction and set design. NID, or the National Institute of Design, offers comprehensive courses in design as do other local design institutes.

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