Business Today Archive October 5, 2008 Issue

Edition: October 5, 2008

A new study reveals the impact of volatility on investor behaviour in India.
In This Issue
Critics believe that the Indian Companies Act 1956 is unwieldy and too complex. A new Act to replace the archaic law governing India Inc. will become a reality once the new Companies Bill, which has been approved by the Union Cabinet, is passed by Parliament. Rishi Joshi brings you the key points in the Bill.
The pace of infrastructure-creation in the country may leave a lot to be desired, but the good news is that the process has well and truly begun.  A few standout projects hold hope.
Editor's Note
Over the past fortnight, Business Today reached out to key industry leaders to learn from them how they are managing the slowdown-present or prospective, severe or slight. The lessons we learnt from them are interesting and instructive.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has finally reserved his place in history by getting the approval of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) for India-specific exemptions from restrictions on nuclear trade.
Top Mind
It is the year’s most anticipated video game on the PC (and mobile).
Policy Watch
The government is desperately trying to bridge the revenue shortfall created by social sector schemes like the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. And it’s now coming up with novel ideas to raise resources.
News Maker
Duvvuri Subbarao was appointed the 22nd governor of the Reserve Bank of India on September 1, 2008, and took charge of Mint Street from Y.V. Reddy, when his term ended on September 5. Subbarao, 59, an IAS officer, topped the batch of 1972 and belongs to the Andhra Pradesh cadre.
To steel tycoon Lakshmi Niwas Mittal, the Lifetime Achievement Award for embodying and exemplifying the ideals of free enterprise and entrepreneurial capitalism, by American business magazine Forbes.
Reporters Diary
Oddanchatram market is the largest vegetable market in Tamil Nadu in terms of direct procurement from farmers. Major retail chains have set up centres here to feed their outlets across south India. However, these large retail chains have not been able to make a dent on the dominance of traditional buyers. N. Madhavan finds out.
S.L. Rao, father of consumer market demographics in India, reviews the latest book on this subject.
BT More
They were once overpriced and boringly designed, now they’re trendy, utilitarian and even sporty. It’s time to take another look at the estate.
The bench press may be the most basic of gym exercises, yet, few guys achieve the results they really want. Those who manage to lift heavy, accumulate mass, but often lack the definition on the chest that makes this Vanity Muscle #3 (after abs and biceps) truly one to admire.
Printed Circuit
It seems remarkable to think that Google is only 10 years old, because the web search giant seems to have been around forever. But in a decade, Google has shaped the way we spend time online—from the way we search, use email (GMail) and now, even the way we collaborate with documents thanks to Google Docs.
Starring Barbara Harriss-White, Professor of Development Studies, University of Oxford; Sudip Bannerjee, CEO, L&T Infotech; Ashwin Deo of Asian Pacific Breweries; Mick Gordon, MD, Synovate; and Ray King of UK-based healthcare company Bupa.
Leadership Spotlight
R.C. Venkateish, the reticent 49-year-old managing director of ESPN Software India, shares credit for being a key player in the team that has successfully staged a major coup in international cricket.
Skeptics might argue about potential benefits of the mush hyped and storied nuclear deal. However the deal crossed two critical hurdles last fortnight and awaits a third. The private sector is awaits salivating at the business prospects that may emerge it will, nevertheless, be a slow and steady grind towards vibrant nuclear commerce. Here is an opportunity list
Promoters are preparing to generate nuclear energy.
After enduring a tough couple of years, hardware giant Dell India is set to become both the fastest geography within the company and fastest tech MNC in the country to cross $1 billion in revenues. Can it make the good times last? Rahul Sachitanand tells us how the company re-invented itself in India.
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become a way of life for India Inc. However, changes in designations, career paths, working in new departments and fear of working with new teams are major concerns that can make or break the post-merger integration process. Here's a low-down by Manu Kaushik on what’s there for you in an M&A.
With reference to your cover story India Inc. stuck (BT, September 21), the need of the hour is an overhaul of the Land Acquisition Act, which is horribly out of sync with the country’s modern needs.
Analytics empower organisations to stay one step ahead, to out-think and out-execute the competition.

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