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Easy funding makes start-ups get going

Easy funding makes start-ups get going

Scores of start-ups are now getting funding from angel investors and seed capital funds even when the business model is untested and there is no team in place to run a company. Successful professionals with some spare cash are often the first to invest in start-ups.
Editor's Note
The good news is that, like fireflies on a dark night, hundreds of small businesses are sparkling across India. Seed and angel funding is booming, and more and more very early stage investors are stepping in where banks and the government are absent.
Bagchi's latest is aimed at students on the verge of taking their first steps towards a career.
Starring: Pratip Chaudhuri, Vikram Malhi, Digen Varma, Ashish Kapur, Rituraj Sinha
Leadership Spotlight
Sona Koyo Steering System's Sunjay Kapur shares his leadership style
Dentsu, Japan's biggest advertising agency, has been looking to expand business outside its slowing home market. The purchase of a 51 per cent stake in Taproot in India by the company's local subsidiary in end-August was part of that strategy.
The Renault Duster gives great mileage, is comfortable and has lots of boot space. A 'compact' SUV, the Duster is the first affordable one in this category from a foreign car maker, and the first serious competition to the SUVs from Indian majors M&M and Tata Motors.
The cover package (The Best Advice I Ever Got, September 16), was very informative and timely.
The problem with many of us who think access to the Net is our natural right and any attempt to stop us from doing so is a violation of our freedom of expression.
The Indian government has raised its defence budget by 17 per cent in 2012-13 alone to $38 billion. And it is increasingly trying to source material and equipment locally for the defence and aerospace sector.
Case Study
Once a household name, Dutch consumer electronics major Philips has slipped over the years to become an 'also ran'. Its repeated attempts to rekindle its mojo have failed. This case study looks at what went wrong and what the company needs to do in order to succeed.
Finance Minister P. Chidambaram is busy undoing his predecessor's tax legacy. He is taking the much-needed policy initiatives to bridge the trust deficit with foreign investors.
Addressing shareholders of Tata Global Beverages in Kolkata, Tata said the group would not walk away from West Bengal despite the state cancelling the Nano project.
Smart executive
Yes, there is a basic template for interaction with colleagues.

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