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Hero MotoCorp's superhero dreams

Hero MotoCorp's superhero dreams

Hero would fondly remember Honda. That may be because Hero got a true sweetheart deal as it can launch products with Honda technology till June 2014 and can continue to sell them for as long as it wants. They have begun on a good note, but a good divorce settlement can ensure only short-term happiness.
This issue of Business Today celebrates those who have tackled it head-on. There have been sacrifices: being unable to meet a dying father, delaying marriage, getting little time with children. But BT's eighth annual list of the Most Powerful Women also tells stories of dreams come true. ALSO SEE: Hall of Fame | Full Listing | Videos
Editor's Note
A 74-year-old Maharashtrian on the fast track of protest has become the unlikely fulcrum of a people's movement.
Rajeev Peshawaria goes to the core of the leadership issue.
Starring: Bennett J. Morgan, Deven Sharma, Meena Kaushik, Steve Mcmohan, Ravi Pillai, Umesh C Deveshawar
Leadership Spotlight
Sanjay Rishi, Asia Business Head, Emerging Payments and New Ventures, American Express (India) shreas his leadership style.
A sharp increase in the cost of trucks due to higher input costs, higher interest rates, rising diesel prices and severe shortage of drivers coupled with no commensurate increase in freight rates have hurt demand.Nearly 10,000 trucks are lying idle in Bellary following the SC ban on mining there, while several sectors such as cement and cars are generating lower output. It seems the commercial vehicle industry is at the threshold of yet another downturn.
There is good reason to believe that Mayawati, regardless of the storm of allegations raging around her, is clearly the frontrunner in a fourway contest between the BSP, SP, BJP and the Congress
Most of us have strengths that, at some point in our careers, no longer seem so to our peers.
In your B-school survey process, in the HR and functional head category, it was surprising to see Chandigarh having the same sample size as Bangalore; and Kolkata and Patna having higher sampler sizes than Bangalore and Hyderabad.
Unlike traditional advertising, social media allows people to grade brands and advertisements by clicking the 'like' button if they want to. From poetry to personal attacks, social networking professionals face it all to manage real businesses while promoting brands.
India, the world's largest gold consumer, is yet to buy the yellow metal in bulk, as its two-month-long festival season begins only in late September. Besides, there are no indications yet that the global outlook might not worsen further.

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