Business Today Archive September 4, 2011 Issue

Edition: September 4, 2011

Editor's Note
The objectivity and rigour of our B-school survey, which covered 1,732 respondents across 13 cities in five categories, is growing by the year (this is the twelfth time we have ranked business schools).
Reporters Diary
High prices of Hilsa this year break the hearts of Bengalis.
Bernd Vogel talks to N. Madhavan about new ways of harnessing organisational energy.
Starring: Deepak Ohri, Ameera Shah, Andrea Jung, Jocelyn Vigreux, Mohamad Ali
Leadership Spotlight
Godrej Consumer Products Managing Director A. Mahendran admires Nelson Mandela.
The wrenching churn of global equity markets may just be the perfect setting to usher in India's next growth wave: reforms of its institutions that have played an important role in its high growth. However, the key question remains - whether India's institutions are up to dealing with an economy on the threshold of touching $2 trillion.
The problem with IIMs is that there is no 'owner', except the government. For various valid reasons, the government is not equipped to discharge the functions of the owner as in companies and businesses

BT More
From sporty chronographs to classic luminous dials, choose a watch which debunks the maxim that luxury is the privilege of the rich. Minus hefty price tags, these timepieces stun with form and function.
Research and analytics has become an attractive job option.
Maruti transferred the Swift waitlist from the old product to the new.
Can India actually become a hub of low-cost auto manufacturing? After reading your cover story (Rough Ride, August 21), one is not very optimistic.
The new takeover code tries to juggle the interests of different stakeholders, say Nishchal Joshipura and Arun Scaria.
Dealing with the Downgrade: The Great American Dream has not exactly ended, but economists, policy makers, traders and the public are spending some sleepless nights trying to figure out whether all is well with the world's economic superpower.
Executive Health
Avoid any diet that guarantees weight loss, says Anumeha Chaturvedi.

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