Business Today Archive September 6, 2009 Issue

Edition: September 6, 2009

Cover Story

Fresh from the Google lab

Google’s ‘launch early, launch often’ philosophy means it’s continuously introducing new products and refining old ones. Here’s an update.
The good times are back for mid- and small-cap funds. Should you take the plunge?
Editor's Note
Google, one of US's most valuable companies, has thrived by adhering to unconventional tenets.
False Economy does a skillful job in exploring the sagas of countries to figure out why some succeed and others don’t. Yet, it doesn’t quite get it right.
Let's take a look at the who, what and where doing the rounds this fortnight.
Leadership Spotlight
Here's a little peek into the success mantra of SBI chairman O.P. Bhatt.
Zee’s advertising revenues are falling sharply, but its top brass is counting on a huge burst in subscription revenues in the medium term.
There is a fine line between using discounts to promote sales and misusing such schemes to keep out competitors.
It is meant to be the passport to a better job, but most applicants end up making a royal mess of their CVs. Here are some pitfalls to avoid.
Given the embarrassment of their riches, it’s a shame that the two Ambani brothers cannot desist from taking continuous pot shots at each other’s businesses.
60 minutes
Speaking in his 12th floor office at Ford’s world headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, Mulally outlined Ford’s transformation and its India game plan.
SSD memories are making their way into laptops. Should you go for one right now?
Master these thumb rules and make your writing sing.
Case Study
...but for how long? TI Cycles has reinvented itself and the way it sells bicycles in order to achieve higher growth. This strategy may be reaching its limits.
A McKinsey study on India's infrastructure reveals that underperformance in the sector during 2008-17 will result in GDP loss of $200 billion (about Rs 9.6 lakh crore) by FY 2017.

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