Business Today Archive September 7, 2008 Issue

Edition: September 7, 2008

Cover Story

How we did it?

The rationale behind the survey has always been the same: to rate the top cities in terms of their business appeal. Broadly, we wanted to find out the quality of work life, the quality of social life and suitability for doing business.
Rising interest rates have made debt more attractive as an investment option. But where are the best opportunities available now?
In This Issue
Infrastructure creation is doubtlessly being touted as the balm of salvation for our metropolises, but what if it becomes unviable to use those fancy expressways, viaducts, flyovers and suspension bridges?
Editor's Note
Though jobs are still the prime mover of people, for an increasing number of middle class Indians, the quality of life is becoming as important as the quality of work. And as life and work become more intertwined, businesses and people flock to cities that cater most appealingly to both.

It’s a fairly common scene no matter what part of urban India you are in: it rains for a few hours and the city comes to a grinding halt. Waterlogged and potholed roads hold up traffic, backing up cars for miles.

Top Mind
It’s the world’s most famous toy retailer and was established by Cornish William Hamley in London in 1760. So, why are we talking about it? Reliance Retail has entered into an exclusive franchise arrangement with Hamleys to bring its toys to India.
Policy Watch

There might be some cause for cheer for exporters. With the rupee depreciating steadily against the dollar in recent months, the government had declared that it was all set to withdraw the sops it had extended to exporters last year.

News Maker
Cash rewards are pouring in from everywhere for India's new shooting champion Abhinav Bindra, who struck gold for the country at the Beijing Olympics.
Mobilised: By India Inc., $22.3 billion in loans so far this year, 18 per cent more than what it had raised over the same period last year. Led by Tata Motors’ $3-billion loan for the Jaguar-Land Rover acquisition, the third-largest Indian loan on record, India Inc. raised $22.3 billion against $18.9 billion in the year ago period, says global consultancy firm Dealogic.
An impassioned, but one-sided, harangue on what’s wrong with the food system.
If you’ve been regular at the gym for four weeks in a row and are failing to see any major results, you may be falling prey to one of the following common mistakes.
Printed Circuit
Good things come in small packages—HP has gone and proven that. HP Mininote 2133 slots in comfortably between a high-end mobile phone and a full-fledged computer.
BT More
We met the owner of Hidesign, Dilip Kapur, for a chat to discover what turned an anti-war, anti-capitalist student who grew up in the protected environment of the Aurobindo Ashram, into a successful entrepreneur.
Featuring Puravankara’s Jayakar Jerome, Motorola’s Sanjay Jha, Apollo Health’s Ratan Jalan, HCL’s Vineet Nayar, Satyam’s B. Ramalinga Raju and Economist C. Rangarajan.
Leadership Spotlight
Munjal has always been a prescient reader of trends. As a young man, he, perhaps sensed, which way the wind was blowing and left his native place in West Punjab (now in Pakistan), thus, saving himself and his family from the horrors of Partition.
Markets in decline
After Walmart, it’s the turn of another global retailing giant to dip its toes into the domestic market. Tesco is the latest global retailing giant to announce India plans.
The inside story of how Ambani’s trusted lieutenant is attempting to make over a modest family business of plastics processing and textiles into an infrastructure Goliath.
Back of the Book
In a country where quotas are ubiquitous, many students from poor households in Andhra Pradesh are getting their share of the higher-education pie purely on merit basis—thanks to a unique programme that aims to "poverty-proof" them. A report by E. Kumar Sharma.
Mumbai and Delhi— part of the 5 millionplus-population group of urban centres we term ‘megacities’—may be heavyhitting markets overall, but for marketers and investors looking for expansion, there is now provocative data that sheds light on how smaller cities are clocking record growth shifts.
New jobs emerge as private players step in to manage pension funds.
The cover story, India@75— Prahalad’s Plan (BT, August 24), was a fitting tribute to those who believe in themselves, think differently and have leadership acumen.
60 minutes
As a research scientist at the MIT between 1975 and 1991, James P. Womack directed a series of comparative studies of world manufacturing practices. Impressed by Toyota’s ‘lean’ manufacturing system, he turned a lean evangelist in 1997. Since then, Womack has been propagating the lean religion. He spoke to BT’s R. Sridharan on the benefits and challenges of going lean.

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