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Tarun Sheth answers queries related to your career.

Print Edition: July 29, 2007

Q: I am a science graduate with a GNIIT diploma from NIIT. I have also completed my masters in Information Technology. For the last three months, I have been working as a technical support engineer with an MNC. I want to move into software development. What should I do?

You have the necessary qualifications to get into the software industry-so all I can say is apply aggressively. You must understand, however, that competition is fierce, especially for engineering graduates and even they are finding more technical support jobs than development jobs. Another way you can gain entry into the field is to get into an IT-oriented environment like an ITEs company and then move slowly within the company after proving your worth.

Q: I have a diploma in textile technology and am currently working in the marketing division of a company dealing in imported textile machinery. I am planning to do an MBA. What are the prospects in the textile sector?

Once you do your MBA, you can join any industry you like and not restrict yourself to the textile industry. On the other hand, you also get limited by the fact that it is a speciality. Ultimately, it will depend on where your liking lies. Go ahead, do an MBA and you have two more years to decide.

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