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Riding on the success of its maiden SUV Urus, Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini has become the outright leader in the super-luxury car segment
twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | Print Edition: October 20, 2019
Sharad Agarwal, India Head, Lamborghini

The Indian auto industry is in deep distress right now, but Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini has bucked the trend. Riding on the success of its maiden SUV Urus, it has become the outright leader in the super-luxury car segment. Agarwal is targeting a 50 per cent rise in sales this year.

Q. The biggest challenge in your career

A. Challenges force us to push our limits and go beyond our comfort zones. And our reaction to challenges shapes our leadership style and potential. I have always been excited by a great challenge that forces me to push the boundaries, expand my horizons and seek solutions which will enrich the organisation as well as my leadership journey. I faced such a challenge at Lamborghini when I was asked to develop new and emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region and establish the brand's presence. We did it in Cambodia. As it was a new territory, I began working from the ground up. There was no road map that we could blindly follow. We had to be agile in our approach, learning and changing plans to deal with the roadblocks that came our way. It was a daunting task, but overcoming them had been a fulfilling experience with a steep learning curve.

Q. Your best teacher in business

A. The consumer is the best teacher, especially in a business like ours. We are not just selling a product or a service; we are bringing in a brand experience. So, our values must be aligned with those of our customers all the time. We need to stay connected to understand their changing needs, desires and lifestyle preferences.

Q. One key lesson for young people

A. Identify your passion and work hard to fulfil it. Success is bound to follow.

Q. Two essential qualities of a leader

A. A leader must have a clear vision and goal and follow them with passion and commitment. This is leading by example. Also, he should be able to articulate what drives that vision, the reason why that goal exists, to inspire and empower those around him and create a shared vision. It will pave the way for a successful journey where every stakeholder will play a role to make a difference.

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