Letters to the Editor

     Print Edition: October 2011

India Today G&G has always tried to come up with interesting and innovative stories. And this month, I was delighted to see a story on home lighting solutions. Considering the traditional tube lights and CFLs we use at our home, rarely do we step out of our house and look around for interesting lights. But this story was an informative read as I learned that lights are not only for providing illumination but also to decorate the home. Of the various lights listed in the story, I am tempted to get the Philips Living Color LED, Slide Light Drink and Basecamp Nopopo. As my wife lovers reading at night, I plan to get her a reading light as well.

Rishabh Gupta, Mumbai

Amongst all the technology magazines available in the country, I like India Today G&G the most. Unlike other publications, what I like about your magazine is the India-specific content. You review almost all the latest gadgets available in the market. Even the regular feature like 'How Things Work' makes you stand out and carve a niche for yourself. The current edition of your magazine helped me in replacing my years' old laptop that was giving me problems ("The hottest laptops in town", September 2011). Finally, after reading the story, I got myself the Dell XPS 15Z and I am keen to get the the Microsoft Arc Touch mouse as well.

Smitha Jain, Indore

This is with reference to the story in G&G on affordable phones ("Money's Worth", September 2011). I would like to compliment you for the story. I liked the fact that you have tried to highlight the features and USP of the phones by having categories such as music phones, movie phones, dual SIM, camera phone, gaming phone, etc. Another interesting trend I noticed here is that you also mention a few phones from Nokia and Samsung. Thanks to the players like Micromax and Lava, even these big players are getting into competitive mode. And it's all good for consumers like me.

Varun Unni, On Email

I was sick and tired of the close to 20 spam messages I used to get everyday. Thanks for talking about Optinno SmsBlocker as it is one application that actually works efficiently.

Prabhu Gupta, Noida

I have been following G&G since it used to come out as a supplement with the India Today magazine. When the vendor delivered my copy of the G&G at my house recently, for a first few minutes I thought it was some other tech publication. But I realised that you guys had reworked the logo of the magazine. Honesly, this new logo in yellow looks very appealing and stands out. Am really loving it. Are you in redesigning the magazine in phases? Should readers like me look forward to a new magazine?

Akansha Aggarwal, New Delhi

I am a frequent reader of your magazine. Firstly I want to tell you that your work is really fabulous and at the cost of the magazine, it is amazing. Your magazine is really helpful for me.I really appreciate all the reviews of the latest gadgets. Do tell me about the Reliance tablet. Thank you and keep up your work, guys!

Pranab Shrinivasan , On Email

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