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Business Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage
     Print Edition: June 8, 2014

Business Today readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Fillip to Innovation

With a new government set to take charge soon, Business Today's Innovation Special is timely. You have nicely explained how to transform an innovative idea into commercial success, in simple terms: "Innovation = Idea + Execution" (May 25). Hope the ideas you have put forth will help organisations - public and private - make a breakthrough to increase their productivity. - Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram

Five Gems

N. Madhavan deserves a big pat on the back, for dipping into the sea of industry and bringing out five real gems of innovation, to craft yet another excellent issue of Business Today. The series of innovative ideas (definitely, a BT specialty) have been cleverly chosen. Tata DoCoMo, Tata Ace, Narayana Health and IPL are excellent choices, but my heart beats most for Bajaj's twin spark technology. - Adishree, through e-mail

Glorifying Worship of Mammon

The May 25 issue of Business Today displays your anxiety to see our country become a strong nation. You want to reassure readers that lack of adequate rains is not really a problem, steel exports are picking up, and many infrastructure projects are on the verge of completion. Your magazine has voiced the thoughts of many that a stable government with good governance is what we need now. However, BT must be having second thoughts about listing IPL as a great Indian innovation. IPL is the worship of Mammon. It has already exploited the Indian craze for heroes in movies and cricket. The BCCI used this addiction to fill its coffers and kept many Indians idle watching this game. The only good thing it might have done is that it has brought into focus some good players who would not have been spotted otherwise. - G.Venkataraman, Mumbai

Delayed Projects

The feature on infrastructure projects (On the Right Track, May 25) was worth reading. It has analysed how large projects are delayed as they mainly depend upon funding and planning by the government. - Akhilesh Kumar Sah, Faizabad

Right Path

The apex court decision to let CAG audit private telecom companies (Blessing in Disguise, May 25) is a step on the right path. It will expose the flaw in the telecom audit system. However, it has upset the telecom industry lobby. It will be interesting to see how it is executed. - JS, through e-mail



IIP, inflation data pose a tough challenge for the next govt
>> That was the intention of UPA... Promise something which can't be kept... Spend all the money, so that the next government becomes bankrupt. - Siddhartha Guha

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia is world's most expensive home, according to Forbes
>> It is not a home... it's a hunted house... A slap on the Indian economy. - Kojack Saj

BJP's low-cost housing promise may remain a tough task
>> One doesn't have to be a business guru to tell this. - Dhritiman Karmakar

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