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Business Today readers share the feedback on the magazine's coverage
     Print Edition: Dec 22, 2013

Business Today readers share the feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Ringing in Change
This refers to your cover story (Silver Linings Phonebook, December 8). After a long, confusing period in the telecom industry, Rahul Khullar has taken charge as Chairman of TRAI. He is a different TRAI chief as he listens to people, understands them and brings clarity to the issues involved. His watchword "I will try" probably means there will be no witch-hunts but bold decisions. His new concept of spectrum trading may bring cheer to the telecom industry. - Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram

Shock and Awe
Thanks to the Business Today team for the survey on banks (India's Best Banks 2013, Dec 8). It's quite shocking to find State Bank of India's ranking position at 10. It is not among the winners on any parameter. This is not a healthy symptom when SBI has the largest network of branches in the country. However, the private sector banks and foreign banks are stealing the show with better services and better management. HDFC Bank has surged ahead with better distribution policies. Hope your survey will help the banking industry to understand the prevailing undercurrents. - Akhilesh Kumar Sah, Faizabad

Gold Rush
The feature on gold smuggling (Yellow Peril, Dec 8) has exposed the "deep routes of smuggling" from West Asia to Kerala very well. The narrative was brilliant, fascinating to read. It should be an eye-opener for the government which hastily raised gold import duties. We all know the country is going through a severe downturn. Despite that, I wonder how gold continues to sell so well in the South. My India is truly great! - Abhinav P, New Delhi

Falling Short
This refers to your cover story (India's Best B-schools, Oct 27). All the care you took, the effort and cross-checking you carried out to come up with an updated survey is appreciable. However, I feel the survey does not truly reflect ground reality. You have yourself admitted that 130 institutes, including two IIMs, declined to participate. Also, only one-seventh of the institutes you wanted to include sent their replies in time.  It implies that those who teach business are themselves not professional. You have given undue importance to placements, which are dependent on the economy, industrial health, and even the exchange rate. The listing does not give much reason for confidence or pride. The topper's score is just 92 per cent, the 10th ranking is 67.5 per cent, and at the 25th ranking, the score has fallen below 60 per cent. Some graduates do get good placements, not based on suitability, but because of their contacts and connections. - V.N. Ramaswamy, Hyderabad

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  • Samsung is likely to spend around $14 billion - more than Iceland's GDP - on advertising and marketing this year Wish the company would have spent that money for improving its battery back-up. - Mohammed Arshad
  • Tax evaders can be traced, warns P. Chidambaram So, let us begin with the politicians. - Alpana Shah
  • India's corporate tax rates are among highest, globally: Report But India is still in financial crises. - CA Sanipini Srilakshmi
  • ITC is offering help to those who want  to quit smoking Why don't they simply stop selling cigarettes? - Rohit Vyas

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