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Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -
Print Edition: Feb 2, 2014

Business Today readers share their feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Ideas, Hopes, and Promises

Business Today's 22nd anniversary issue (Bloom, January 19 ) has hit the newsstands with many ideas, hopes and promises. I appreciate your cover headline as you have highlighted unexpected trends that have really "bloomed" in recent times. The columns by well known global thinkers on what is needed to combat the current depressing situation were most enlightening. Hope you will keep exploring similar new, interesting ideas in coming issues. - Abhinav P.,  New Delhi

Model Leader

The write-up on N.R. Narayana Murthy (Comeback Captain, January 19), who delivered the opening address at your MindRush event, was most interesting. His ideas on leadership - there can be no leadership without courage: courage to do what is right, to admit one's mistakes, to accept that peers can be smarter and better, and to take tough and unpleasant decisions - are spot on. Hats off to IT tsar Murthy for his guidance. - B.S Acharya, Berhampur

CEO's Role

Thanks to Business Today for an excellent issue (India's Best CEOs, January 5). BT has always provided readers with the best of  reading material. The CEO's role in a company has to be multi-faceted, but one important feature is that he should give employees a wider platform to display their strengths. The rise of leading companies such as TCS and Axis Bank should be attributed to the hard work of their CEOs. But your magazine should also recognise CEOs - or their equivalent - in other fields such as films and politics, by instituting combined awards for which they, too, are considered. - Akhilesh Kumar Sah, Faizabad

Collector's Item

A true collector's item was your special issue on India's best CEOs (January 5). I am going to keep this issue on my bookshelf and re-read all the reports. N. Chandrasekaran, the marathon runner, Rajiv Bajaj on his bike, Nitin Paranjpe's down to earth approach, all enthralled me. The interview with Ram Charan, truly a Vasudeo Gaitonde of the business world ( Gaitonde's painting sold for a record price at a recent auction) was great. After a long time, I enjoyed a magazine more than my coffee. - Himanshu Kapadia, Mumbai


>> Something went wrong, Centre tells SC on coal block allocation
- Everything has gone wrongly in coal block allocation, and the prime minister is fully responsible for it, because he was the coal minister at that time. Abhi Gaur

>> Government invites investments from NRIs in manufacturing
- Is it another way of fiddling poor men's hard-earned money? - Vinay Singh Thakur

>> BJP's proposal for abolishing income tax is feasible: experts
- It may be feasible, but the question is whether BJP can amend it or not. - Sridhar Srinivasan

>> Cabinet to consider proposal for FDI in railways
- There should be a proposal for FDI in Parliament also... we may be lucky enough to get some very good parliamentarians at least. - Kalyan Cheedi

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