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Business Today readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage
Print Edition: June 22, 2014

BUSINESS TODAY readers' feedback on the magazine's coverage -

Winning the Cup

Having won the "Gujarat Cup" three times in succession - a hat-trick scored purely on the plank of development, BJP captain Narendra Modi has now deftly managed to win the prestigious "India Cup" in style by a thumping margin that has completely decimated the Congress (Modi India-fied, June 8). Earlier, many felt that only Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni could create and repeat a miracle. But now this mindset has changed: there are others too, who can make history. But the ball is now in the BJP's court. The party, under the pressure of expectations, will have to perform exceptionally well to justify the faith of the electorate. - Srinivasan Umashankar, Nagpur

Tough Job

Since Narendra Modi is now fully accountable to the citizens of India (Modi India-fied, June 8), his party, the BJP, must present a periodic report, say monthly or quarterly or half-yearly on the promises it had made and the action taken on them. This should be put together under the guidance of a responsible person. This report must be made public.This way there will be a check not only on the BJP, but also on all of its machinery. A mechanism must be evolved to deal with the grassroots-level problems of common citizens. Hope the Modi government is ready to tackle this tough job. - Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi

MF Future Bleak

The package on Indian mutual fund market (June 8) was quite analytical. The stories featured point out very well how survival in the fund market has got tougher and how the functioning of funds is becoming more process-driven. Even though the future of the funds' market looks bleak, it is not impossible to figure out what the problems are and fix them. - Abhinav P., New Delhi

Stability Overrated

The UPA provided a stable government. But its performance proved that the oft-uttered view "A stable government will rid India of its economic woes" (May 25) was wrong. We need a stable government but it should also have vision and provide good governance. - Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram




"Arun Jaitley seeks meeting with state FMs for GST push."
Definitely, it is a good step for all businessmen - Ashok Arora

"Jet Airways reports record $366.5 million quarterly loss."
Jet Airways has never made any profit. But it is quite interesting to know how its share prices sometimes move upward. - Rajat Chowdhry

"SEBI clears Diageo's open offer worth Rs 11,448.91 crore for USL."
It's unfortunate for Vijay Mallya. For the collapse of his empire, the credit mostly goes to his son and the inefficient advisers. He may bounce back soon, because he believes in: "You need to be gutsy; you need to have fire in your belly." - Nivas Bharathi

"Mumbai pizza delivery drone crashes into security hurdle."
In Saudi Arabia, it's successful. They use camels to deliver on time in the desert.- S.K. Singh

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