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Team BT        Print Edition: November 22, 2015

BT's Philharmonic Orchestra

This refers to your special issue on India's Most Valuable Companies (The Great Churn, November 8, 2015). It was literally the BT Philharmonic Orchestra setting the right tone for progressive Indian organisations on the irrefutable notes of facts and figures. It was a wonderful study of multifarious industrial segments, churning out the most valuable companies focusing primarily on market capitalisation and examining relatively the diverse metrics of assets, income, net profit and debt. It has imparted fresh insights to readers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, governing bodies, and industry watchers. The methodical analysis has highlighted pressing issues, persistent gaps, cascading trends, ground realities and scope for betterment of the Indian industrial scenario. Kudos to the Business Today Team for its arduous sifting of enormous numbers and innumerable facts through methodology to arrive at the ground reality. It was superb data analysis indeed. - B Rajasekaran, Bangalore

"Fraudulent" Messages

This refers to an article on telecom, TRAI-ing Hard (November 8). Call drops are a way for mobile operators to make money as subscribers have to call repeatedly to finish their conversations. Every such call is charged fully. Also, like unwanted e-mails and SMSes, everyone is forced to hear unwanted messages like "call again" or "try again after sometime as the person you have called is talking to someone else" or "to avail of" such and such service, "press the star button". There should be a way to stop such unwanted "fraudulent" messages which cost the callers. In fact, all such services should be banned. - Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi

High-tech Wearable Gadgets

Your Technology Special package on wearable gadgets, computers, robots and unmanned aerial vehicles (October 25) was full of innovative thoughts. It was quite an insightful read. As a tech-savvy person, I would love to have all the visual devices you mentioned in your Tech Togs story! But, the million-dollar question is: Can I afford them, or will they make a big hole in my pocket? - Biswaranjan Mishra, Gurgaon

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