Print Edition: October 2012

Gadgets & Gizmos readers give their feedback on the magazine's coverage of the technology world -

Internet TV
Q. I am a regular subscriber to G&G. These days I am getting a lot of emails asking me to subscribe to Internet TV at a lifetime cost of $499. The ads promise 3,500 channels from all over the world which they claim I can watch on my PC or laptop. Can you do some research and publish the same in our forthcoming issues? RAJUL, ON EMAIL
A. There has to be a catch somewhere. You can anyway watch a lot of international channels with free software. And $499 is too much for any service on the Net. So we wouldn't encourage you to sign up.

A Clear Picture
India Today Gadgets & Gizmos is among the few tech magazines that features products catering to the Indian audience. Your latest edition on Cameras was a good read and also acted as a buying guide. The initial part of the story on things you never thought could be done with an imaging device came as an eye-opener. Tips like capturing the image of the spot where you parked in a big parking lot, using the camera for notes and seeking a second opinion while buying stuff were some of the stuff that I have actually implemented. I was planning to buy a camera and the reviews helped me zero-in on the Olympus SZ 31MR. I suggest you to keep on coming up with such innovative stories. -KRISHAN KUMAR, ON EMAIL

Smaller iPad, Anyone?
The smaller iPad will be a game changer in the tablet space, not so much for Apple but definitely for the smaller players. For one, all those manufacturers who are now making money just because they are focusing on the 7-inch segment will have to take on the competition from what will undoubtedly be a superior product. With Apple's proven track record with the iPad it has the firepower to blow away at least the fringe players. However, a lot will depend on how the smaller iPad is priced. Now to wait and see if Apple is actually bringing out a smaller tablet. -JAY, CHENNAI

New Wave
It is going to be an exciting few months following the launch of Windows 8. There will be tonnes of new products for geeks like me to balk over. Personally, I am excited about the hybrid devices which can be tablets and ultrabooks at the same time. There is no doubting the fact that these devices will completely change the way we use computers. -NIKHIL C, PUNE

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