Letters to the Editor - May 2012

G&G readers write back to the editor of the magazine, sharing their valuable feedback.

     Print Edition: May 2012

I am a regular reader of G&G and I like all the detailed information about gadgets and gizmos. But apart from that, I would also like to understand the Indian mobile and tablet market, growth in the past few years as well as the future of smartphones and tablets in India. Also stuff like how the Indian local brands are doing and their future in the competitive Indian market. It would be great if you could do a story with numbers and data. My best wishes. You guys are doing a great job! - VINEET SHARMA, ON EMAIL

The cover story of the April 2012 issue of G&G was very informative ("12 Hot Trends for Mobile phones" ). The importance of mobile phones cannot be underestimated. It has become part our daily lives. But it is also a fact that mobiles and computers have killed the weekly offs of people. These devices must be switched off after work. People must learn to take a break and refresh themselves for the coming week by spending time with the family, going out for walks or eating out, visiting friends or watching movies. All these make a person healthy and wise. Also, mobile have become public devices due to unwanted SMSes and calls. - MAHESH KUMAR, ON EMAIL

I live in the Mumbai suburbs and have been a subscriber of G&G for the last two months. This magazine is totally different from other gadget magazines, which I often find boring. This is the kind of magazine I like to read. Each issue is exciting and compact. And, please continue giving more information on cameras and different lenses. - AKHIL A SALVI, MUMBAI

Why do companies price products in such a way that they are affordable only to a few people? Yes, our disposable incomes have gone up but that is no justification for unreasonable pricing of products. Here is hoping that companies are a bit more sensitive to price sensitive customers like us in India.- RK NEGI, HAMIRPUR (HP)

You have made some mistakes in the April issue. In "Top Ten Smartphones" section you have written that Samsung Galaxy Note has a 4.3-inch screen and its expandable memory is 16GB. In the "Top New Entries" section the price of Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is shown as Rs 4,790 while in the cover story it is Rs 16,900. Please give the correct price. - HARSH KHURANA, ON EMAIL

Thanks Harsh for pointing this out. Yes, it was a technical mistake about the specs. The Galaxy Note has a 5.3-inch display, has memory expandable to 32 GB and a 1GB RAM. The price of the Samsung Galaxy Duos mentioned is an error, which we regret. The actual price of the Duos is Rs 16,900.

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