Letters to the Editor - June 2012

     Print Edition: June 2012

You have a perfect magazine, which not only keeps its subscribers updated but also makes them gadget gurus. It's a must-subscribe magazine that won't let you feel down at any cost. Dudes, your magazine is worth it. I have much to say but have no words to describe your efforts. You guys never leave my questions unanswered. And look at your price -it's simply unbelievable compared to other gadget magazines out there in the market. Salute to you-and to, of course, my Indian Army mates. I am happy to suggest every one should buy your magazine. - RITURAJ MISHRA, ON EMAIL

This refers to your informative cover story (111 ways to make your device more capable, May 2012). A mobile phone is like a computer with many functions for personal and office use. It has something for everyone. Use it as a calendar, camera or radio, play games, watch TV, use the GPS, send photos and so on. It is also a very good portable music player and now has Net-access capabilities too. I suggest using it as pen drive too as now mobile phones have the required software and storage space. It won't be long before they replace all pen drives. With bigger screens and applications it is possible they might also replace Notebook computers in the near future. - MAHESH KAPASI, ON EMAIL

Your cover story on apps covered almost every aspect of the app market. As you rightly said, apps have become a mirror of the kind of people we are. There is an app for almost everything you want to in your digital life. I have many apps on my iPhone 4S, now thanks to your cover story I have added many more which I was not aware of. Wish there was an app that I could use to thank you! - NEHA KHANNA, LUDHIANA

Your story on the Windows 8 consumer preview was well laid out and very informative. It covered almost everything a lay user would have wanted to know about the new operating system. The presentation was very innovative and matched the theme of the new programme. Kudos. -N ARAMUGAM, COIMBATORE

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