Letters to the Editor - September 2012

     Print Edition: September 2012

I think India Today G&G is the best magazine in its class, but I think you should be more careful while mentioning prices. The price of the Nokia USB charger has wrongly been mentioned as Rs 2,000 when it sells for Rs 1,490. Plus, the magazine should carry a contest page in all issues and the subscription should come with more attractive gifts like power bank, etc. Vinay Dixit, Kolkata

Needed Phones For The Elders
Apropos your story "Core competition" (G&G Mobiles, August 2012), there is a lot of competition in the mobile market. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to get all desired features at one's budget. The technology on mobiles becomes obsolete quickly and new features are introduced to attract different customers. A good number of people, especially senior citizens, find it difficult to operate touchscreen mobiles. For them the choice of phones with keypads and the latest features is limited. I suggest that top companies launch new mobiles with both touchscreen and keypads so that both the old and the young can use them with ease. It will boost their sales too. Mahesh Kumar, On Email

I'm currently reviewing all the gadget-related magazines available in India. G&G has naturally been added to the list and I would like to share this review with the team at G&G and all their readers. Cheers for the 3+ years of an amazing magazine! - Kritin Kapoor, On Email

Excerpts from the review: The layout is good with emphasis on keeping the magazine lightweight and easy to read. I find that they are the most unbiased while reviewing and get almost all of their facts right…The magazine remains Indian at heart and is a quick read.

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