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Team BT   Delhi     Print Edition: April 10, 2016

King of Good Times, or Bad Times?

This refers to your cover story on Diageo-USL (Splitsville, March 27). It's a timely and analytical piece. The King of Good Times, the flamboyant Vijay Mallya, is in the "eye of the storm". The king has fished out a whopping `9,000-crore kitty with his Kingfisher net from the "government's pool". But Mallya's case is not the only instance that we should be worried about. Our country is proud to have so many business tycoons with bankruptcy tag. He is just another addition to the country's numerous scams. It is the same process after every major financial bungling is exposed: days-long (in rare case, even months) heated debates on the floor of Parliament and a couple of protests with unruly scenes. And with the flow of time, the issue gets buried, giving birth to another "deceptive"case that we can outrage on. That's the beauty of our Motherland India. Hope to read more such pieces. Keep it up! - Namita M., Faridabad

India on the Road to Fiscal Consolidation

This refers to your Budget special overview (Budget 2016, March 27). In the face of a prolonged global economic turmoil when many countries are struggling, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has presented a realistic Budget that reflects the true state of India's economy. It has rightly attempted to address the issues and concerns that require immediate attention. While all the key sectors, including agriculture and rural India, got the maximum push that they warranted, sticking to fiscal prudence is the most striking aspect of the Budget that will send a right message across the globe that India is well on the road to fiscal consolidation. Banks are the lifeline of the economy. A provision of `25,000 crore has been made in the Budget for capital infusion into banks that will hopefully reduce the stress in the banking system to an extent. The formation of Banks' Board Bureau to deal with the complex issues concerning banks in an independent manner is another momentous step. With limited headroom available, the finance minister has, indeed, worked well within his constraints in every sense of the term. - Srinivasan Umashankar, Nagpur

An Election Budget

This refers to your article on Budget overview (March 27). It is just like an election Budget - trying to please more of poor voters. There is nothing wrong in it, but schemes launched for them must be strictly monitored/implemented. And in reality, the benefits must reach the poor. Higher allocation for roads and electricity is in the right direction. But the objective of doubling farmers' income in five years is doubtful and difficult to achieve. - Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi

Changing Contours of Healing Process

This refers to your interview of Vincent A. Forlenza, Chairman, CEO and President of US-based Becton, Dickinson and Co (India is a more attractive health-care market than China, Mar 27). BD's pointed interests in capacity formation and positioning its competence in India will change the contours of the healing process in India's medical field. Though the interview was brief, it gave profound insights into the upcoming medical devices, enduring remedial management and timely therapeutic data management. The burgeoning Indian population is bound to broaden the existing challenges for extending optimal health care to the society. The acclaimed modern medical devices and interoperable instruments will definitely introduce new dimensions in the treatment structure for saving the lives of patients and improving the overall health administration. India has already become the hub of medical services in South Asia and South-East Asia. BD's move must be adequately cushioned by the policies of the government for ensuring the general welfare of the Indian populace. - B. Rajasekaran, Bangalore

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