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Letters to the Editor Business Today Magazine
Team BT   New Delhi     Print Edition: September 24, 2017

Emerging Companies Are Quite Impressive

This refers to your lead story Vaulting to the Big League (September 10). This inclusive project on mid-sized Indian companies has accommodated the rising scale of companies in agriculture and brought forth the successful attitudes of the entrepreneurs. It indicated that Indian entrepreneurs are second to none. In manufacturing, they have cashed in on customer preferences. In services, the localised approach has helped. In agriculture, value-addition to agro-products and commercialisation of improved rice has given rise to new business verticals. Though agriculture is the predominant occupation in India, it is not bestowed with suitable policy interventions causing productivity concerns and forcing untold misery in farming. These industrialists have taken timely and right decisions on issues of importance in creating new businesses. The winners are impressive and are promising clouds among mid-sized Indian companies.

B. Rajasekaran, Bangalore

SBI Merger: Is It Right Time to Choose the Path?

This refers to your story on merger of State Bank of India and its five associate banks (Marriage Season, September 10). No doubt it is a good move. But when the economy is in bad shape, and banks are comparatively losing profits due to rising non-performing assets, capital shortage, and credit growth, is it the right time for government to take such a major decision? Hope time will tell whether government has taken the right path.

B.S. Acharya, Berhampur

Need to Deal with Farmers Sensitively

This refers to your story on IMD forecast (Flood Woes, August 27). Farmers are plagued with many problems such as floods, short supply of good seeds, lack of crop insurance, and poor storage facilities. Farmers committing suicide is one of the biggest challenges before the administration. Crop failure and debts are considered the main reasons for farmers' suicide. This is common in an area where the single crop pattern is in practice. The delay in distribution of compensation is a big reason for farmers to take the extreme step. Agriculture must be supplemented by allied activities like vegetable production, dairy, so that farmer suicides can be prevented. Instead of making the problem a political issue, it should be dealt with sensitively. Ensuring water security for the farmers via water management is the solution to the problem in a region where crops frequently fail.

Vinod C. Dixit, Ahmedabad

Why Start-ups Are Fizzling Out

This refers to your special feature on India's Coolest Start-ups (August 27). Business Today has indicated problems due to which start-ups fizzled out in short time. The major reasons include poor sales and marketing, low level of venture investing, lack of trust, wrong hiring of personnel, poor adoption of technology, and lack of mentoring. Let us hope that gradually new entrepreneurs will learn from mistakes and become successful.

J.S. Broca, New Delhi

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