Letters to the Editor - November 2012

Print Edition: November 2012

Apropos your informative article "Radio rebirth" (October 2012), it is time an Indian company made a radio that is capable of catching audio from TV channels. Some Chinese radios with this feature are available for Doordarshan's terrestrial channels like DD I and DD Metro, but their performance leaves a lot to be desired. However, on DTH one can listen to radio programmes on televisions, but the reverse is still a tough task. The government should give a boost to radio in the country by making FM available without antennae and making all broadcasts digital. Companies, meanwhile, must try and make radio sets of different sizes and shapes for the convenience of people. There is still no substitute for the radio, which allows one to do many things while listening and enjoying programmes on it. Television, however, requires concentration on the part of the viewer. Plus, radio does not affect eyesight and is very affordable. - MAHESH KAPASI, ON EMAIL

Your cover story pitting the Ultrabook against the tablet and the smartphone was really good. I am sure that many people who are thinking of buying any of these three devices is faced with a dilemma before they make the final decision. Not all of us are sure about which product will suit us best and whether a certain product will suit us at all. In this sense, the part that elaborated on the strengths and weaknesses of all of these devices was really welcome. Hope you will do more such face-offs in future issues. -RAJMOHANA, KOCHI

First, a big hello to all at G&G. In the October issue, there was an article regarding binoculars which was very helpful. Can I request you to do the same on telescopes in the next issue? I want to buy one early next year, but before that I want to equipped myself with necessary info from G&G, the only tech magazine I read. - SAHIL BHATT, ON EMAIL

Please do a section just on accessories for smartphones and tablets. I think this is relevant because there are lots of stuff being marketed just for the iPhone 5 and the new iPad. Also, it'd be nice if you could showcase accessories that are a rage in the rest of the world, even if they are not available in India. This way we will know what to ask relatives abroad to bring for us when they come to India next. - SHWETHA, CHENNAI

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