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     Print Edition: Apr 15, 2012

Down and Out
After reading your cover story Losing Voice (April 1), one certainly gets the impression that India's BPO industry faces its biggest challenge so far. An industry veteran's prediction that no BPO company will have double digit organic growth in 2012/13 is telling. There was a time when the country was the global hub of BPOs. Not anymore what with the likes of countries such as the Philippines, China, Malaysia, Poland and Egypt posing a strong challenge. It is interesting to note how the Philippines, despite its poor infrastructure, now has the most developed outsourcing industry. No wonder a few companies do not want the term 'BPO' to be associated with them at any cost.
Chandra Bhan, Chandigarh
Not Dead Yet
Your cover story has highlighted that the BPO industry is in danger, but I still think we have time to turn things around. The Indian BPO industry has the technical might and intellectual competence to prevent any other country from making a dent on its turf. It has done remarkably well in the past striking profitable business deals, providing considerable employment and bringing in substantial revenues.
B. Rajasekaran, Delhi

Hands off

The story on carpal tunnel syndrome, Curse of the Keyboard, I think the hike was necessary or else Indian Railways will go the Indian Airlines way and will be sick @BT_India: Dinesh Trivedi pays for passenger fare hike sandeepmadhukar (April 1) was a very good one and an eye opener for mouse potatoes - the people who are glued to their computers in office and at home, and cannot live without their BlackBerrys and laptops. I was shocked to learn the syndrome is so acute that many patients had to give up routine activities like cooking and cleaning. Many patients also have problems while driving, holding a phone or reading a newspaper. The numbness and tingling sensations are often intermittent at first, but become more and more acute over time.
Bithi Dutta, Kolkata

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