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Print Edition: October 3, 2010

The Charge of the GenY Brigade
Brats at Work (cover story, BT, September 19) offers a good understanding of the dynamics affecting companies with a large GenY workforce. So companies and corporate leaders are keen to play to the strengths of this young and impatient generation in order to reduce employee turnover and bump up productivity.

- Vineet Madhukar, Delhi

Adapting to Change
There's no doubt that the twentysomething GenY is fundamentally changing the corporate landscape. Today, GenY is the hot topic among HR executives and talent management professionals. Firms, in order to proactively adapt to the shifting mindset of this young workforce, are increasingly emphasising work-life balance and looking to engage them better through training, mentoring and by encouraging informal networking and social activities. Companies are also helping these young kids to develop their skills faster so that they can take on larger responsibilities.

- Prerna Rai, Delhi

New Kids on the Block
Your insights about GenY are spot on. GenXers, like myself, rebelled against the cubicle-to-coffin mentality and struggled for workplace flexibility and improved benefits. I agree with you that here's a generation that does not view work as merely a way to make a living but as a form of self-fulfillment - it doesn't want to take up a job that pays well but is boring or annoying.

- Shashi Shekhar, Bangalore

The Tech Whiz-bang
Hello, Tomorrow! (BT cover, September 5) reflects the changes in our lives and lifestyle. Newer technologies and devices are not just flattening the world and making people hyperconnected, they are also reshaping our attitudes in profound and lasting ways. It's therefore no surprise that most people we come across today are either iPhone wielders, BlackBerry owners, laptop users or users of basic mobile phones.

- B. Rajasekaran, Bangalore

In an interview with Vishal Sikka, SAP's CTO (BT, September 5), it was reported that Hasso Plattner had moved away from dayto-day responsibilities in the company in 2010. Plattner had stepped back from chairmanship of SAP in 2003 and continues to be the Chairman of its Supervisory Board. Sikka has two sons and not daughters as reported in the interview.

The brand mascot of Tata Sky's interactive services is Actve and not Active as mentioned in India Inc's Tryst with Social Media (BT, September 19).

Managing Conflicts
Resolving Conflicts at Work (BT, Sept. 19) proves that tackling problems head on is the way to their resolution.

- Satya Betai, Mumbai

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