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Letters to the Editor

Business Today readers give feedback on magazine's coverage of the December 7, 2014 issue.
Team BT        Print Edition: Dec 21, 2014
Letters to the Editor
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Business Today readers give feedback on magazine's coverage of the December 7, 2014 issue.


This refers to your cover story on economy, Recovery Ahoy! (December 7). The article, no doubt, is a clear and comprehensive account of the state of the Indian economy, but it is too early to say with certainty that the worst is over. The facts and financials, displayed in the article, have indicated a rosy picture. But in reality, the present market scenario (for the aam aadmi in day-to-day affairs) is still unpredictable. True, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's guidance, the economy has got moving after several wasted years. But only time will tell how much the Modi magic helps the poorest of the poor.
Abhinav P., New Delhi


This refers to the feature on aviation Flying in Class (December 7). Sometimes domestic airlines offer up to 30 per cent discounts. But with already skyrocketing fares, does it make an attractive offer? The condition at airports has changed with increase in number of passengers. Now, the rush looks similar to the ones at railway stations. It's a different thing that it's a luxury which many could not afford or think of before this. The policy of almost all airlines not to charge fixed fares is against the rule book. The government must regulate fares. Food, water, airport charges and taxes should be included in the fares. Travelling by air without food is like travelling in second-class ordinary unreserved coach.
Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi


This refers to your story on ATMs Free But Limited (December 7). Charging customers extra money for transactions from ATMs is absurd. ATM transactions save a lot of time and stationary for banks since they involve no submission, encashment or withdrawal of cheques. Instead of charging extra money, the banks should give a reward - say, `10 - for each withdrawal. Prime Minister Modi's assurance on banking facilities for everybody in the country is a welcome step. But what about the unnecessary charges levied by banks? Even, some banks levy charges for sending SMS alerts without informing the customers. There are sometimes charges for using the debit card, too. The banking regulator, RBI, should look into the matter for a smooth transaction through ATMs.
MK, On e-mail

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