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Print Edition: Apr 29, 2012

Long Way to Go
Your cover story, Fuzzy (Business Today, April 15) on cheap drugs is an eye opener. But given the clout of MNCs in developing markets, Nexavar by itself is a baby step towards providing cheaper life saving drugs. Considering the wide gap between 'reasonably priced' and 'reasonably affordable priced' drugs, the government needs to step in and subsidise the latter, even though they are termed 'reasonably affordable'.
Praveen Kaur, Mumbai

Hard Times Ahead
Few Budgets (Realism Deficit, April 15) benefit the common man. Most Budgets increase his financial burden. This year, the two per cent increase in service tax and excise duty, as well as the inclusion of almost all services (barring a short negative list of exemptions) in the list of those liable to pay service tax, will affect the common man and take away whatever gains the minor re-jigging of income tax slabs provides. Further, the Budget 2012 is not at all growth-oriented and discourages foreign investment with its proposal of bringing about retrospective amendments to some tax laws. I am surprised the UPA government is still in power despite such anti-populist moves. Regarding the Railway Budget (The Man Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, April 15), I was very upset to find an honest effort to improve the Railways's finances turned into a political tamasha. The Railway Budget was progressive and would have helped the government and the Railways. Sadly, some people in power cannot see beyond their personal interests.
Mahesh Kumar, Delhi

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