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     Print Edition: July 10, 2011

Shine On
Your cover story, India's Coolest Startups (June 26), will not only provide a boost to the 10 listed companies but also motivate the five others in line. It goes without saying that innovation is the key to any start-up, be it old or new. A start-up's ability to innovate could very well determine whether it shines in the years to come or not. Overall, the entire package made for an interesting read.
H. Priya, Chennai

Out of Steam
Power shortage is the biggest problem facing India today (Sweat It Out, June 26). It not only affects growth but also causes price rise and other problems indirectly. Surprisingly, despite having a rich resource of coal, the country is still facing coal shortages. To start with, how about designing green villages with solar homes?
Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram

Tough Times
Stressed Bank of India (June 26) was an objective account of the affairs at State Bank of India, which is facing not one but many problems - be it in financial management, personnel administration, policies, leadership and a legacy of controversies. Despite all this, it has the trappings of competence and tracks of achievement. The bank has yet to optimally revamp its working culture and though the new Chairman Pratip Chaudhuri's ambitious targets are laudable, limited service and regressive ground reality do not portend a quick end to its problems.
B. Rajasekaran, Bangalore


The caption with the picture accompanying the report Mining Missed Calls identifies the people in it incorrectly. The correct caption should read: ZipDial founders Valerie Rozycki and Amiya Pathak. The story, Nobody's in the Library (June 26), incorrectly describes as India's first online library service. In fact, the first such service was that of, founded in 2001. The report, Funds for the Less Adventurous (June 26), written by Tanvi Varma, was inadvertently carried under a wrong byline. We regret the errors.

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