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     Print Edition: June 26, 2011

Back on Track
Every company goes through ups and downs and Hindustan Unilever (cover story, Soap Opera, June 12) is no different. What is truly fascinating is the way HUL went about things to get back into the minds of the consumers in villages - yes you read it right, villages - across India. What's more, there was learning, and a lot of it, which helped the once beleaguered FMCG giant get its mojo back for good.
R. Desai, Mumbai

Rough Ride Ahead

Having led their parties to victories in the recent assembly polls in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu respectively, Mamata Banerjee and J. Jayalalithaa have an uphill task in front of them (Elections Package, June 12). Banerjee will have to not only bring in funds from the Centre for the development of the state and create a conducive atmosphere for various corporates to set up their shops, but also tackle the Naxalites and Maoists. Jayalalithaa, on the other hand, will have to simply perform and think beyond her rival M. Karunanidhi and revenge.
Bal Govind, Noida

A Healthy Employee
There is no doubt that in order to get the best output from your employees, you need to provide them with the best working environment, which includes decent timings (Tackling Joint Concerns, June 12). Night shifts play havoc with your health in the long run. Who would have thought a few years ago that arthritis, an ailment of the aged, would also afflict people as young as 40. Companies should seriously consider making yoga or meditation a compulsory exercise for their employees to not only help them de-stress but also increase their output.
Mahesh Kumar, New Delhi


In Eat Pray Love (June 12), a reference to a Marico product should have been Parachute Advansed Hot Oil, and not Parachute Hot Oil. Adam Gurian (Keeping Time, PeopleBusiness, June 12) is President, Timex Group, and not CEO. The name of Kavita Nair, VP, Enterprise Marketing, Vodafone Essar, was misspelt as Kavitha Nair in India's Hottest Young Executives (May 15) issue. We regret the errors.

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