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     Print Edition: September 4, 2011

Auto Blues
Can India actually become a hub of low-cost auto manufacturing? After reading your cover story (Rough Ride, August 21), one is not very optimistic. Where does the problem lie? It lies in the domestic market, what with the rise in the cost of raw materials - steel, rubber and plastic - which make up most of a car. The interesting bit, though, is that despite sales of cars going down, growth still continues.
P. Ghai, Chandigarh

Controlling Inflation
The interview with RBI Deputy Governor Subir Gokarn (No Reason to Change the Policy We Have Adopted, August 21) has skillfully rolled out the details of the policy interventions of the central bank to restrain the inflationary pressures hurting the economy. The frequent interest rate calibrations do not augur well for the future of the economy as cascading monetary moves will dissipate the confidence of the investors. The Indian economy needs to be fortified vigorously to inspire renewed faith, especially in the wake of Standard and Poor's downgrade of the United States.
B. Rajasekaran, Bangalore

Food for Efficiency
The food contract industry is in early stages in India, with huge potential to grow in the near future (Thought for Food, August 21). By providing quality and hygienic food to its employees, a company can, in turn, create a greater bonding with them, boosting their efficiency level. The only thing which will determine profit and loss for these food supplying companies is the sustainable quality of the food.
Bal Govind, Noida

The Lokpal Saga
The controversial Lokpal Bill has been referred to a Standing Committee of Parliament. But both the Houses should change their age-old rules, which continue with the secrecy clause that makes the proceedings of Standing Committees confidential. As the Centre has formed a joint drafting committee for the Bill, many people are likely to send their representations before the panel.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

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