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The feature on Maruti (God Is in the Detail, February 2) was worth reading.
Print Edition: Feb 16, 2014

Great Strategy
The feature on Maruti (God Is in the Detail, February 2) was worth reading. Despite cut-throat competition from other automobile giants such as Volkswagen, Ford, and Toyota, and the current downturn in the auto market, Maruti has succeeded at the Herculean task of  winning back the 40 per cent plus marketshare it earlier had. Maruti's strategy of focusing on villages, on network, resale value, re-purchase (through true value), and cheaper parts, is laudable. With an affordable price tag, the re-born Alto has also picked up sales. Though Maruti's contribution in the four-wheel segment is high, its management should not rest on its laurels. It should concentrate more on exports.
Akhilesh Kumar Sah, Faizabad

AAP Conundrum

The spectacular win of the AAP in the Delhi assembly election has brought it into national and even global focus (Free Speech Haven, February 2). The massive support it received has also prompted the party to go national and think of fielding around 400 candidates in the coming Lok Sabha elections. So setting out its policies on all fronts such as economics, foreign affairs, health, education and agriculture, has become imperative. But the recent dharna on the streets by AAP Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal against the Central government has raised many a question. Is it the right kind of action for a new party aiming at national significance? Time will tell.
Jacob Sahayam, Thiruvananthapuram

India's "Head"

This refers to your story on the debate over Article 370 of the Constitution which grants special status to Jammu & Kashmir (Article of Contention, January 5). State Chief Minister Omar Abdullah's remark "…we are at one corner of the country. So neither are we a market nor at a logistic advantage" is, however, incorrect. In fact, Kashmir is the "head" of our nation, geographically. It is high time the government reviews some of the major hurdles impeding investment - such as the provision that debars non-residents from buying property in the state - so that Kashmir attracts both talent and business from outside its borders.
V.N. Ramaswamy, Hyderabad

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