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     Print Edition: Feb 5, 2012

BT receives scores of responses to its case studies. Below is the best one on the Royal Enfield's makeover (Nov 27, 2011).

Senior managers at Eicher faced a tough choice. They had been given one final chance to revive the lossmaking Royal Enfield - their motorcycle division. For that they wanted to modernise the bikes to appeal to a wider customer base. But existing customers wanted their Bullets just the way they had always been. By modernising, Royal Enfield risked losing traditional fans without possibly gaining any new customers. The case study details how it met the challenge.

Dhruv ( wrote:
Royal Enfield will have to hinge itself on a couple of more 'solid' connects with its existing and prospective customer base. This can be done by:

Product Personalisation: Royal Enfield should consider personalisation of the bikes. Personalisation options that let the rider and the bike 'become one' would build the strongest connect. Road Safety: During one of my rides in Mumbai, I along with many other bikers drove over a 50-m stretch with diesel spilled all over it. My Bullet and I were the only ones standing, mainly on account of the bike's stability and my last minute use of rear brakes. Point is, a lot of safety is already built into the bike. This needs marketing.

Reliability: Technological improvements, even as paid optionals, will be a nice connect builder. Alloy wheels with tubeless tyres, front and rear disc brakes, safety equipment, etc., maybe with some personalisation options, would be great. Do It Yourself Service: The Bullet still employs some of the simplest technologies. Royal Enfield can start supervised DIY service camps, where the rider can learn to service and repair, maybe even customise, his own bike under the guidance of experienced personnel.

Riders Network: The individual experience matters in biking. A core community supported by the company could help existing riders and new customers take a life changing ride across the country. I look forward to watching the Bullet race past its competition. It is and will always be like single malt - appreciated for its taste and class only by discerning individuals. Therein lies its USP.

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