Letters to the Editor

Print Edition: March 2012

When will we get to tap?
The focus on new gadget and technologies for 2012 made for a great read. I just hope we will get to see most of these gadgets in India without much delay. Moreover, your report 'Just a tap away' (February, 2012) gave good insight into the emerging technology of near-field communication (NFC). But, sadly, while most of the developed economies have started using the technology for financial transactions, it seems we will be tapping our phones only to transfer media content. Can't wait for the day when we will be able to pay auto fares by tapping our cell on the fare meter. - P S SANDHU, MOHALI


Time for a Lucky Break
Now this is ridiculous-I am a regular reader of G&G and have been trying to bag something in every contest. With all your terms and conditions fulfilled, I have been crosschecking my answer in every issue and they are always correct. But I remain empty handed all the time. I suggest you improve your lottery system. -  PAWAN KUMAR, ON EMAIL

Dear Pawan, we get a lot of correct answers to our contests and we have no choice but to conduct a random lottery pick of the winners. Unfortunately, the gods haven't smiled on you-yet. Keep on sending in your answers. One day you will hit the jackpot.

Zero In On Foursquare
It'll be of great help if you can get a story done on foursquare (one of the hottest apps in the US), gaining popularity in India and other countries. Also, it needs to be covered because its founder is an Indian. Naveen Selvadurai, co-founder of foursquare, is from Chennai. It'll be great, if you could get an interview with him. It would be a pleasure to read both these stories. I forgot to mention that I just love your column 'Appsolutely'. It has been really helpful in finding good apps on the app stores. - YUVRAJ ANEJA, ON EMAIL

If you like Appsolutely, then you must also be liking our new column on apps for tabs, Appendage.

Tablet Games
Ever since I got an iPad2 I have played games only on my tablet. In fact, I have uninstalled all the games on my laptop. Since you focus a lot on games can you tell us which are the best games available for laptops? I have a feeling tablets will become the more popular gaming device in the near future. - VARUN REDDY, HYDERABAD

Varun, That is a good story idea you have given us. Watch out for it future issues of G&G.

I have often noticed that some of the products featured in the Launchpad and Review sections of the magazine are not available in smaller cities like mine. Can you also suggest where these products are available online for readers like me? RAKESH, PALAKKAD

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