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     Print Edition: Dec 11, 2011

Banking giants
India's Best Banks 2011 (November 27) was one of the most comprehensive surveys conducted of the country's banking landscape. What made the entire package so interesting and readable was not just the content, but the design as well. I liked the fact that not just one or two, but so many other parameters were taken into consideration while preparing the rankings, which is the best way to go about things. It is a well-known fact that reforms, which are long overdue, could transform the entire banking system. The Banking Laws (Amendment) Bill 2011 is, indeed, a step in the right direction. Here is hoping that our banks grow fast, steadily, consistently and qualitatively, and are able to meet various challenges.
Vivek Jha, Bhopal

Inflation Woes
The recent hike in petrol prices, transport fares, and electricity and water charges has come as a jolt to the common man, who is already grappling with the skyrocketing prices of essential food items such as milk, vegetables and pulses (Buffer Against Inflation, November 27). Politicians seem to be becoming richer by stealing the common man's taxed incomes and the rich continue to become richer, thanks mainly to rampant corruption. And even as the poor become poorer, India continues to dream of becoming a global superpower - quite an irony.
Mahesh Kapasi, New Delhi

Good Job

Ranking companies is a delicate and complicated process. Kudos to your team for painstakingly analysing and presenting so much data in a concise and useful format (BT500, India's Most Valuable Companies, November 13). The change in the methodology of your annual survey this year - by clubbing together both public and private sector companies - is amply justified by the fact that PSUs have given a tough fight to their private sector counterparts and made their place in the topnotch rankings by virtue of their competence and capability. This further proves that gone are the days when PSUs were thought to be surviving solely on government patronage and support (holy cow status) and that they are quite able and competitive now, ready to face all sorts of challenges.
Ajay Gupta, Jodhpur

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