What a winner!

Arup Das | Print Edition: December 2012

Calling out to all football fans-it's time to renew your seasonal pass for the beautiful game and gain membership to the more exclusive clubs in the world of football. But then the FIFA series itself has an enviable record of rubbing shoulders with iconic titles like Call of Duty. The popularity of the franchise isn't surprising-the world football federation does have more members than the United Nations and the World Cup soccer is the most watched sporting event after the Olympics. These superlatives, plus all the action, now come packaged in FIFA 13, with substantial changes in gameplay and some groundbreaking graphics.

The difference between a FIFA game and any other title is the variety of options available, which ensures a diehard fan is hooked to the console for at least a year. I was addicted to FIFA 11 and have finally found release-through addiction to FIFA 13. The standout feature in this edition is its integration with Microsoft's Kinetic. But cleverly, kicking a ball or passing it depends on voice commands rather than motion control. Obviously the makers feared a mayhem in the play room with legs and feet flying in all directions. But this actually makes you feel like Alex Ferguson barking orders to change formations, aggressive or defensive strategy approach. Also you will receive a caution for using foul language so think twice when you start screaming instructions to your team.

EA's First Touch Control has added unpredictability to the game play. A player's weight and stature effect his movement and ball passing. The presentation of the game is no doubt the best in the football gaming arena. EA has got the stance of each player to perfection, as it has their horrible hair styles. The commentary is lively and witty. Even with all these magnificent features, however, the AI becomes quite predictable. The best AI are the goalkeepers who are a bit more tougher to beat. But the bottom line is that the realism in FIFA 13 makes fans feel they are at a live match rather than sitting before a console. It fulfills a football fan's dream to be part of a dream club.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT? Football game has never been so real. A must-have for all fans of the "beautiful game".

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