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Which were the best games of 2013? There can never be a definitive answer to the question, but here's our pick of the top five.
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Gadgets and Gizmos picks best games of 2013

Which were the best games of 2013? There can never be a definitive answer to the question, but here's our pick of the top five.

Batman: Arkham Origins Batman:
Arkham Origins features a defining tale set in a snowy Gotham City on Christmas Day, when Batman is hunted by eight deadliy assassins.
In the game Batman has new lethal enemies like the armoured enforcer and the martial artist.

Batman has a few new moves too, as well as some new gadgets. Players can use the remote claw to directly attack enemies by stringing them up from vantage points or they can shoot using the concussion detonator which is more like a stun gun which disorients opponents in

close combat.

Jumping down on foes from building rooftops never gets tiring. The simple controls make for an enjoyable game, with dodgings and counters being as important as always. And there is a new online mode that lets you play online with friends.

You could chose to be on the side of the good guys, Batman and Robin, or take a walk on the dark side with super villain Elite and the Joker's or Bane's gang.

The graphics are good, but the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions do witness low frame rates at times.

Whether or not you're a Batman fan, Origins will ignite a fire in the belly of every close combat gamer with its exciting campaign and online play. (Distributed by Express Games)

Battlefield 4

If you are an adrenalin junkie who cannot resist explosionridden games, this is the one for you. As EA's answer to arch-rival Activision's Call of Duty, the Battlefield series has always excelled in multi-player mode.

Big battles come to life with up to 24 players blowing up buildings shielding their enemies, leading assaults from the back of a gun boat, and much more. Battlefield 4 takes power-packed livewire action to another level.

With the controls easy to master, running around, shooting and trying to stay alive become second nature. Controlling aircraft is trickier. The game comes with two new modes - Defuse, where two teams fight over a small number of flags, and Obliteration, which focuses on destroying key targets.

The Xbox 360 version comes with two discs Multiplayer on the first and Campaign on the second. The chaos of the multiplayer mode and the alertness that comes from nothing being in your control keeps you agile and absorbed. ( Distributed by Milestone Interactive)


Straight off the box, you know you have a winner in your hands. FIFA, in all these years has deservedly earned for itself a big fan-following. With FIFA 14, you'll have to marginally adapt to a new style of play.

FIFA 14's new movement system, slower pace and focus on the midfield means that matches can no longer be bounced from one end of the pitch to the other, thereby preventing a few cheap goals.

There is a new feature for all those who like a rough tackle or a little nudging of the elbow called 'Protect the Ball'. It requires players to use their physical strength to fight for or maintain possession of the ball. The step-based system synchronises well with the all new ball physics in this game, allowing for some spectacular action from curled lace shots to goal-dipping half-volleys. Shooting feels better than ever, and when the perfect shot comes off, you feel like a pleased manager of the club, cheering on the team.

FIFA 14's a great game with stunning presentation and attention to detail. The more convincing sense of physicality and a ludicrously large number of game modes may require you to be a little more patient with FIFA14, but that patience is amply rewarded. ( Distributed by Milestone Interactive)

NFS: Rivals

You start with a Porche and go on to unlocking the most fascinating cars ever made. And Ferrari, Lamborghini and Audi are just a standard. You could even take a Pagani or a McLaren shimmering with surface moisture for a spin, or just burn rubber on tightly wound snow-covered tarmacs or expansive dust-blown desert tracks.

Cars featured in Need for Speed:: Rivals can either be exclusively available either to the racer or the cop, with the Aston Martin Vanquish being the only exception. Both sides can have their vehicles upgraded with performance parts and Pursuit Tech. Whichever side you choose, your progress is dictated by how you perform a selection of tasks themed around three driving styles - Hot Pursuit, Interceptor and Time Trial.

Racers can trigger head-to-heads with artificial intelligence or human drivers, while cops can begin ad-hoc pursuits by simply switching on their sirens. Minor glitches aside, this is a great game, and the cars are an absolute joy to drive.

Many critics have noted the the lack of a pause feature. But I say, whether you are a racer or a cop, once you are behind the wheel, you have no right to keep pulling your car to the side of the road. Just drive! ( Distributed by Milestone Interactive)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

"You gotta be kidding" was the first reaction I got from friends when I told them this game was going in my Top 5. But Marvel Super Heroes is a great game that brings a breath of fresh air with its perspective and focus on teamwork.

It offers players a chance to step into the shoes of more than 100 iconic characters starting with Tony Start as Iron Man or The Hulk, Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men - while exploring locations familiar to Marvel fans, like the Oscorp building and the Stark Tower. All kind of emotions are aroused by the game. There is even humour in the proceedings.

One sees Nick Fury chomping down food or Spider-Man joking about having to do his homework.

There are even 'special moments' between Hawkeye and Black Widow, there are plays on the Hulk's intellect too. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is immensely enjoyable with ample additional missions and challenges that should keep gamers of all ages entertained for hours.

If you love LEGO, Marvel comics, or any of the Superheroes, this game will definitely be fun. (Distributed by Express Games)

Many of you may be shaking your heads, disagreeing with my picks. So tell G&G which are your Top 5 games of 2013.

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