Paradise lost

Arup Das        Print Edition: March 2013

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Marooned in a tropical island with warm ocean waves kissing the shores and virgin natural beauty surrounding you, one could easily believe you were in Eden. But you are not here to shoot the Kingfisher calendar. In fact, this is Rook Island, the haven for the scalawags and slave traders. You are Jason Brody, who goes out skydiving with his friends and ends up in the land of pirates and cold hearted murderers. Your entire group is captured, but due to some confusion you manage to escape from a makeshift prison and vow to free your friends.

The storyline is a mundane, but the game's standout feature are the graphics and game play. Far Cry 3 pushes the limits and defines what an open world game should be like. Taking cues from Assassin Creed, this game's detailed work is truly a gamers' delight as it makes the surroundings look very realistic and the characters appear very lifelike. The graphics are topnotch, like Arkham City, and transport you to the island. This troubled island entices you to complete each and every challenge. Also, full credit to the game makers for making a terrifyingly insane villain, Vaas. This deranged pirate is quite charismatic in his psychotic way. He is pure unadulterated entertainment.

Far Cry 3 brings a lot to the table and keeps you busy whether you are driving in the jungle or climbing the outposts to fix disabled radios. These missions unlock areas, weapons, map information and skill. There also assignments that test your survival skills like hunting or gathering herbs. So the threat isn't just the pirates, but also the wild animals.

Cooperative game play or Co-op is a fantastic additional campaign where up to four players can play together online. This can also be played in split-screen mode and has six-missions. This campaign gets two additions -- the Battle Cry and Booster systems. Battle Cry speeds up your movement and re-energises your health, benefiting all team members in range. Boosters are life boosts you can offer to another player. Far Cry 3 is much more than a well-crafted graphic game. One gets to develop their own skills, take advantage of the local fauna and make medicines and performance enhancing drugs and adjust your hunting style to capture and skin different sorts of animals. It is a more sinister version of Grand Theft Auto where the bloodshed and violence will consume you.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT? Easily the best open world game at the moment

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