Halo on top

Arup Das | Print Edition: December 2012

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Rejoice all Master Chief fans, the new Halo 4 graces us with its presence. It has been five years since we saw our super solider teaming up with the closest thing he could call a friend, AI companion Cortana. The game developers have written a script that we least expected: Cortana is dying and has become highly volatile, now in her eighth year having now outlived her seven year AI life. So, showing rare emotion, Master Chief wants Cortana bailed out. The game may sound like a mushy, if futuristic, rescue mission, but things haven't changed much in the Halo world as a new enemy has risen-a sect from the Covenant, the Prometheans, which only wants to destroy everything that stands in its way. There are three types of Prometheans- Crawlers, Knights and Watchers-and each has its special way of killing and frustrating you in the game. The new villains make the older Flood look like dummies. The Prometheans are tactically a lot more smarter and as expected tougher to kill.

Halo 4 continues to follow its tradition of creating spellbinding graphics are and sometimes you are caught wondering if it is a movie or a game you are involved in. The details are amazing, be it the surroundings or a soldier's armour. With each version, you can see the glossy and light graphics have been toned down and a more battleworn look has been created.

Spartans Ops is the game mode you must try. You are one of the Spartans in the platoon that is on a mission to vanquish the Covenant once and for all. There are mini-campaigns where you have an option of playing solo or take the multiplayer way. The good news is that War Games has significantly improved with new armours and weapons. This famous multiplayer mode has 13 missions and after a specific number of kills you get a bonus weapons or a boost up.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT? Even as fanfare is on the up, the surrounding look and feel all too familiar.

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