Bronze for London

Arup Das        Print Edition: October 2012

London 2012 for Xbox 360
Price: Rs 2,499

Still suffering a post-Olympic Games hangover? After the rock-bottom performances of India's much-hyped archery and tennis teams, do you believe if you were in London things could have been different for India's medal count? Well, here's your opportunity. London 2012 gives you the chance to win gold for your country. Sports that stand out in this game are predominantly the track and field events. In the case of triple jump, long jump and the javelin throw, results depend on getting the right momentum. Each sport has a different degree of angle that boosts the player's speed or strength. Therefore, playing isn't a predictable drag. As far as sprinting is concerned, you have to keep an eye on the stamina gauge. You need to pace your run well if your avatar is not to be exhausted soon. Archery too is a treat as you need to check the wind pattern before you aim and release the arrow. On the other hand swimming and gymnastics were a bore as the technique used in these games were too similar. The most impressive thing about London 2012 is that you can't randomly smash buttons to win the games. A lot has to do with precision and careful timing. There are 31 games and if you count those categorised for men's and women's participation, the count goes up 45. The single-player mode can prove boring because there is no serious challenge from the faceless artificial intelligence. Also it's a lot more fun rubbing your friend's nose in the dirt. So stick to multiplayer mode if possible.

The biggest disappointment was the Kinect control. Instead of mimicking reality, you flapped your arms to gain speed in sprints. What happened to Kinect detecting leg motion for speed, as in Kinect Sports 1? Controlling the player's movements in beach volleyball was also difficult. It was, therefore, a lacklustre experience.

There is a Party Play mode with Kinect which offers 13 events. One of the few that is amusing is throwing javelins at targets that are on the run.

The graphics and sound of London 2012 make it the best Olympics games ever. The graphics are stunning since the realistic looks of the animated athletes and the detailed stadiums make the game better than it actually is. Commentary is decent but the clarity of the crowd cheering in each event and country's national anthem are top notch.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT? Does not drag, but does not sprint either.

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