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Arup Das        Print Edition: March 2013

Price: Rs 2,599

Weight loss is a new year resolution that almost everyone likes to make. But in reality we end up overeating and making excuses to skip gym and ultimately struggle to get back to shape. So for all lazy lumps, Nike and Xbox's Kinect have come up with a solution where we can get rid of our unnecessary curves. Before you join this fitness regime you have to figure out what you want to do - tone muscles, build strength or just cut flab. Then Nike+ Kinect Training will be able to identify where you need to improve and choose what routines that will match your abilities. There is also an option to mix and match different exercises for different or alternate days. This four-week boot camp is called Personal Training Sessions which becomes rigorous in time and forces you to push your limits.

Motivation plays an important role especially for the unfit. So out of the two trainers we chose the lovely Marie over beefy Alex. This game comes with mini-challenges where you have to finish workout sessions within a given time or in five-minute slots. This way you get to break the monotonous fitness regime.

Nike+ Kinect Training is a step above the rest as it carries out an initial fitness test to measure your stamina. It also gives a genuine feedback on your athleticism with the help of the Kinect camera. As a result you get know where you need to put more effort.

Another helpful feature is that the individual exercises don't start till you are in the correct position. Therefore, you are not wasting time or points working out incorrectly. And if you like flaunting your fitness level then you can go online and either exercise or beat your friends in various challenges.

The let down is that the presentation is average. I expected a snazzy studio but it is looks jaded and very bare minimum place. Then there are the usual Kinetic issues like the camera angle. So if your move involves you to look away from the camera then it doesn't read your movement.

Nike and Xbox's Kinect can be thoroughly enjoyed only if you have a lot space. Otherwise, the sensors will not be able to read all your moves. Also with the wide range of exercises, catering to almost everyone, this is surely the game which will get you back in shape.

BAG IT OR JUNK IT? A good workout, but the visuals could have been much better

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