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Detox detour

The Tattva Spa, just outside Delhi, is a vacation for jaded city souls.

Supriya Dravid        Print Edition: Jan 9, 2011

The long and bumpy drive from Delhi to the Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort just off the Gurgaon-Jaipur highway, is gruelling enough to warrant a soul vacation afterwards. So it's a good thing that the resort comes with a spa attached. If you're a weekend warrior seeking solace after the silly season, come by on a Saturday evening, put off the game for the next day and, directly after checking into one of the suites (that are 960 sq ft in size and equipped with king-sized beds, TV/DVD players and well-stacked mini bars), head to the Tattva spa where wellness expert and cosmetologist Anita Kaushal has designed packages that offer affordable yet luxe rejuvenating experiences.

The spa is a unit of KAP Enterprises, which was founded by a bunch of IIM graduates. Tattva, spearheaded by Kaushal, came into the limelight as a provider of mobile-spa services in the capital in 2008. Today, it still offers spa and grooming services in the privacy of your home-think massages, manipedis and bridal packages-but has diversified by setting up and running the spa at the resort.

In early 2010, the company was invited by Tarudhan's promoters, the Silverglades group, to set up a spa in the club house. It took KAP six months to set up the 5,000-sq-ft spa which includes six therapy rooms, a yoga room, gym, steam and sauna rooms and locker rooms. The teething problems are yet to be sorted, so clients still have to deal with hot showers that are not really hot, and air-conditioning that needs to be regulated to a more body-friendly temperature.

The good news is that Tattva is open round the clock (for resort guests only) and has eight masseurs standing by to offer hot stone, chakra balancing, Swedish, Thai and Balinese massages and signature rituals that include massages and body wraps. There's even a golfer's massage to prep you for a game on Tarudhan's nine-hole course.

I opted for the signature Green Tea treatment, which tees off with a rejuvenating tea tree body balm massage. Poked, prodded, rubbed and kneaded, I felt like a minty clean human pie. The therapist then slathered on an antioxidant-rich green clay mask that left my skin singing. Blissed out, I head back to town on Sunday evening, feeling as one often does after a spa-cation: ready to book another one right away.

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