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Print Edition: October 2013

Coast by Opera
Coast by Opera
Coast by Opera
Opera Software ASA
Free (Apple)

I am sure there are a lot of people out there going "why didn't I think of this one?" when they saw the Coast browser. This iPad browser takes tabbed browsing to a whole new level, letting users pin their favourite pages to multiple swipe through screens. There is lots of space, nothing is cluttered or in your face. When you open and shut a web page it starts showing in the recent tab below. From there you can just drag it up to pin it as a permanent tile. There is also a small side button that lets you see tiles of all pages opened recently. When on a page, you can go back by just swiping from left to right. Like a picture? Just long press on it to open menu options that let you share the picture or save it.

P4S Publishing Ltd
Free (Apple, android)

If you think there is a bit of unexplored music in you, then download this app that could make you a composer. The app lets you add different instruments at various tempos while sticking to a certain style of music. We had trouble adding the vocals to the tracks, but the end results even without it was fun. There are just two styles - pop and rock - available for free. Other styles like rock, blues and reggae are available as in-app purchases.
Free (Android)
This app lets you check and add an Employee Provident Fund account as well as update the status over time. It also lets you go online and see how much balance is there on your account. The app comes in handy when you are shifting jobs and need to know the status of your account or withdrawal request. A must-have app for all workers in India.

Cooliris, Inc
Free (Apple)

This app is a one-stop-shop for all your images. The app lets you link multiple sources from Facebook to Instagram and access all their content on a single screen with the trademark Cooliris 3D wall. You can then share these pictures or save them to your iPad. It is also possible to kickstart conversations over a picture, but for that you will need your friends also to use the app. The app does not let you comment on a Flickr or Instagram picture, though it gives the option of opening the same in their native app. A great option for those who like to browse through their prictures over multiple sources.

My Airtel
Bharti Airtel Ltd
Free: Apple, Android

Here is one app for those who hate to queue up to pay bills. The app lets you link one mobile phone connection as well as other Airtel services like broadband and IPTV linked to the number. You can see latest bills and make payments directly through the app. Plus, the app lets you see your usage details for all the accounts and even buy Smartbytes for a broadband connection. What you can't do is link multiple mobile numbers to the app. So if you have an iPad, which cannot take the SMS verification, you will still have to make the payment online.

 Sprinkle Islands
Sprinkle Islands
Sprinkle Islands
Mediocre AB
Free (Apple, Android)

This is an easy going game where the objective is to douse fires on the way of the crane-like sprinkler. The game is a bit too easy at times and does not really seem to up the pressure on the players as the levels change. The game can be a good way for kids to understand some simple principles in physics. Despite the good graphics, this is not one for adrenaline junkies.

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