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Print Edition: December 2013

PicPlayPost/By Flambe Studios LLC
There are a plenty of photo framing apps around allowing combinations of frames, different aspect ratios, different sizes to make a collage. But this app goes beyond the standard frames and filters by letting the user incorporate videos into the creations. There are a total of 36 different frame layouts, with six possible six aspect ratios, each one of which includes between one and six different sections in which to place content.
Price: Rs 110  

News in Short(s)/By News in shots
This app curates news from various sources and summarises it in 60-word reports. The interface is neat with a large image, a headline and a short, crisp article. Swiping moves the user to the next article. On can choose topics from a menu. To read the full report, the user will have to sign in using a Facebook account, which can also be saved for reading later. The articles can be shared using email, IM or to your social networks.

Flib /By ten days one app
Flip is an easy to use convertor app for Android devices. It can convert mass, angle, area, dimensions, pressure, speed, temperature to mention a few. The neat interface has large icons and easy to read text. Categories are visible on a single page as icons and it automatically arranges categories with the most accessed ones on the top.

Hammer app
Hammer app
Hammer/By Americos Technogies
If you are looking for opinions on a subject, check out the new Hammer app. It lets you post a question to the Hammer community and get votes. To start using, you need to create an account. You can post photos, share news, etc and get votes instantly. At present, it has a limited number of users, but the user base is growing quickly.

ANS Navigator/Ayana Navigation Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
This is an impressive navigation software, but it has to be paid for. The ANS Navigator provides turn by turn navigation instructions along with live traffic updates for major cities. It has to be set up before use. Other features include point addressing, enhanced junction views, route alternatives, speed limits and more
Rs 1399

ASAP Beta/ By ASAP communication
Getting to a company's customer care is a pain. This app will do it for you instantly. It has a list of over 150 companies including consumer durable brands, operators, insurance firms, etc. Using the IVR menu, it automatically calls the concerned number too.

Perfect My English
Perfect My English
Perfect my English/By Perfect My English
Those looking to avoid common mistakes of English grammar should consider this app. It uses a quiz platform. You take tests and get feedback on the mistakes made. Tests get easier or more difficult depending on your scores.

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