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Print Edition: December 2011

iOS, Android
For those who travel a lot, SkyScanner is a must-have application for their smartphones. Launching the app allows users to search across both national and international flights. A user can search and select the departure airport and the arrival airport from the drop down menu. There is also the option of searching for direct flights only. Usually, recent searches are stored at the bottom of the page, eliminating the need of keying in the location again. SkyScanner quickly comes up with the various flight options available for travel along with the airfare in Indian Rupees. One can always change the currency, billing country and language from the settings. Also, the search can be sorted into airline, duration, landing and takeoff. The user can share the information over an email as well. (Tested on Apple iPhone 3GS)

Photo Studio
BlackBerry OS
There was a time when BlackBerry was considered mostly a work device. Not anymore. With BlackBerry yoking better camera optics in its smartphones, it became a camera phone too. Users can further enhance the captured images using the free application, Photo Studio. The app allows capturing of new images and editing, including adjustment of brightness, contrast, RGB colour, hue, saturation, etc. From adding digital frames to selecting the effects, users can even resize, rotate or crop an image on the phone itself.
(Tested on BlackBerry 9900).

Hindu Calendar
Android OS
Since Hindu festivals follow the Indian calendar, you are often left wondering what is when. User who wish to keep track of upcoming festivals, fasting periods and tithi will find this a perfect application. The Hindu Calendar divides the app into three tabs. The first is the calendar of the current month. Users can also view the past month or the next month. Below the calendar is the tab "Festivals of the month" that shows the date of popular Hindu festivals. The next tab describes the daily tithi, sharing details such as planets, year, season, etc. The last tab is "Festivals of the year" according to the Hindu year from Gudi Padwa/Ugadi and ending on Holi.
(Tested on Samsung Galaxy Note)

Flight Aware
iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
People who often host guests from abroad and spend hours at the airport due to flight delays should consider installing this free application. The Flight Aware helps users to keep track of the departure as well as the arrival times of most of the airlines. The easiest way to track the flight is by keying in the flight number of the tail number. In case, you have none, there is an option to search for the flight through the origin city and the destination. The app even has an option to save the preferences that includes My Aircraft, My Airport. Using the current location, one can learn about the estimated departure time along with the departure and arrival gate/terminal.
(Tested on iPhone 3GS)

Application Locker
Symbian OS
To protect your phone from prying eyes, lock your phone with a passcode. Install Application Locker. You are asked to key in a PIN of your choice along with a secret question and answer. Then appears a list of applications from which you can select the one you wish to lock. The app launches only when the correct PIN has been entered. (Tested on Nokia 701)

Courtesy:Gadgets and Gizmos

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