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twitter-logo Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: October 2012

Price: Rs 5,999

The Philips audio lineup has always been in love with iOS devices. But the company now seems to be falling for the Android operating system. Its new Fidelio is among the first Android docks to hit the Indian market. Simple and elegant, the Fidelio has a circular body similar to some popular iOS docks. Built in glossy black plastic, the dock displays time along with a small Bluetooth icon when powered up and connected to an Android phone.

The dock has a microUSB connector at the top with a transparent plastic stand to give support to the phone. Keeping in mind the different positions of the microUSB ports in the phone, Philips has deliberately kept the connector flexible. There is enough space to move the connector to the left or right. Depending upon the phone's thickness, it can be moved to and fro as well. Volume controls and a snooze button have also been placed on the dock. Being a Bluetooth wireless streaming music device, the dock only charges the phone when connected via microUSB connector. The music can only be streamed over Bluetooth, that too with the help of the 7MB Philips Fidelio App available on Google Play Store. So you don't have to keep it locked on the dock to enjoy your playlists. When launched, the app prompted us with a message that the Songbird music player had not been installed and was needed to play music via the dock. Also, it took close to a minute to pair the phone for the first time, though after this, the two paired instantly. The Fidelio app has a nice graphical layout that displays the ambient temperature along with the time.

The audio over the Fidelio was loud and nice, though we felt the bass was lacking in strength. This dock can be used for playing music in a room, but won't be effective if you were planning to host a party.

Good option for Android users, but not very powerful.

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